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Travel-and-Leisure Found in Melbourne, Phillip Island the home of the penguin parade, is filled with plenty of excitement and plenty of attractions to keep your family busy for hours on end. Regardless of where you end up choosing your ac.modation Phillip Island finding activities should not be that hard. Plus, since the island is easily walked or bicycled through you can easily get to all the major sights both historical and natural, without breaking a sweat making any ac.modation a great choice. Of course, you will want to consider if you are aiming for luxury because there are also some great deals to be had on Philip Island. The Island itself is named after the first Governor of the New South Wales region and is a natural breaker to the port of the Western side of Wales. About 10,000 hectares in area, the island sports an amazing 97km coastline that is filled with plenty of beaches and ac.modation Philip Island choices. As you might guess, the hotels that sit on the beach are prime resort locations and often some of the best places to choose for a holiday on the island as the scenery from outside of the windows is stunning and the smell of the fresh saltwater is like natural aromatherapy for the soul. Due to the size of the Island, there are actually about a dozen different towns and villages that are located throughout it making it easy to find plenty of unique Philip Island ac.modation options. For instance, you may be focused on staying in the large well known city of Newhaven which can be easily reached via the Sam Remo bridge, but there are also some other great coastal and local towns that cater to tourists to make their holidays perfect such as Cape Woolami, Silverleaves, Sunset Strip, Rhyll, Beach.ber, and Summerland to name just a few. Although the island is large, its local population only totals up to about 7,000, but during the summer months it will feel much larger as the islands economy is built on tourism and during peak travel season the population will rise up to as high as 40,000 as thousands of people arrive to spend their summers in the land of tropical perfection. E very year it is estimated that somewhere between three and four million people actually visit the island making it one of the most popular island destinations in the world. The reason that Philips Island is so popular is due partially to the beaches and partially to the scenic views that the inland portions of the island presents with plenty of animals and wildlife available to see at the Philip Island Nature Park. In fact, there are even penguins that stop by as well as fur seals which is unique given the fact that these tend to be cold weather animals that have adapted to the warm sunny skies that surround the island getaway. Of course, while on the island you will likely also see kangaroos and wallabies as well, which for westerners is always quite a treat that tops off the entire holiday experience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: