Philippine Senator Philippines and China did not sign the fishermen return to Huangyan Island fishin unfccc

Philippine lawmakers: Philippines and Chinese did not sign back to Huangyan Island fishermen fishing agreement original title: Philippine congressman: Philippines and China did not sign back to Huangyan Island fishermen fishing agreement "Philippines Daily Inquirer" reported on 27, according to last week with President Duthel Te’s visit to the Philippines Luo China member can be revealed in the negotiation process. China want Philippines government signed a "allowed" to return to the Huangyan island of Philippine fishermen fishing a formal written agreement, Philippines did not agree. Reported that Luo said at a press conference in Philippines on Wednesday, said, this agreement has not been disclosed, there is no official signature. Because we do not want to use the term ‘allow’ permission, which is contrary to the results of the Hague arbitration". He quoted "may participate in the closed door meeting people" said that although Chinese agreed in principle to Philippines to return to Huangyan Island fishermen fishing, but the specific wording is the main reason for the two sides failed to sign a formal agreement on this issue. After the end of his visit to China, Duthel Te, 23, said the Philippines fishermen in a few days can be returned to Huangyan island fishing. Do not pass through the agency said the Chinese side to allow fishermen to return to Huangyan, Philippines contains certain conditions". Editor: Wang Haocheng相关的主题文章: