Photos Xiangyang tragic accident occurred a man died ssport

Photos: Xiangyang tragic accident occurred a man died yesterday (September 21st) at about 1:30, Xiangyang city traffic police detachment Xiangcheng brigade received the alarm, located at the intersection of Xiangcheng street sidewalk loop in the breathtaking scene. A car, a motorcycle knocked to the ground, a motorcycle on a pair of middle-aged men and women seriously injured, the road traffic jams. Traffic police on duty notice 120, while grooming traffic. Twenty minutes later, the traffic congestion eased, a middle-aged man and woman were injured and rushed to hospital. It is understood that the car driver surnamed Wang, who lives in Gucheng, has been controlled by the police, the motorcycle is a couple, who lives in Fancheng. Police learned that the couple is to Greenway on exercise, afternoon returning car accident. Police retrieved surveillance found that the traffic accident, whether car owners or motorcycle owners, are suspected of illegal. "The car crosswalk to slow down to avoid pedestrians, as it will get off the implementation of motorcycle, the motorcycle is a sudden, suddenly left, now two people have illegal behavior." City traffic police detachment Xiangcheng brigade captain He Ruibo said. Deadline (21) more than four in the afternoon, the injured man died due to rescue, the woman is still in the rescue.相关的主题文章: