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Physicians worry: generics still face the original drug – health status of domestic Sohu Abstract generics based on clinical research, the best choice is still the original drug. Source: health sector Author: Zhang Yizhong original research drug and generic drugs in the end the difference is not big? Recently, in a food and Drug Administration’s media conference, a large hospital doctor expressed his concern for domestic generics and now the drug review and approval system reform expectations. As a first-line clinician, although he will not be in patients with the choice of drugs to give a tendentious recommendation. But objectively speaking, the original research is still the best choice. Because once the condition worsens, for life, there is no regret medicine. Precision medicine to enhance the level of reform and opening up, the national life of aquatic products is still in a relatively shy stage. Some aspiring medical youth even talented, but also may be because of family reasons and had to make second choices. The development of medicine in China is like the reform of medical treatment of patients with no two, above it is nothing more than the policy and their own conditions. Policy determines the direction of the development of medicine, but the cost of medical treatment determines the level of national basic medical care. In January 2015, President Obama came in when the state of the Union speech, puts forward the precise medical plan. In the ensuing March 2015, the State Ministry of science and technology also held the first meeting of experts on precision medicine strategy, China’s precision medical plan. From the beginning of last year, every one involved in the medical occasions are exploring precision medical. But what exactly is accurate? In the era of relatively backward medicine, cancer is basically equivalent to the declaration of death. At the moment in front of the doctor’s patients, because the survival time is short, the next moment may never see. However, in the present, the tumor is gradually treated as a chronic disease, under the control of the drug, the patient’s survival is as long as possible to extend. "Talk about domestic imitation discoloration" in fact, the original drug used for the treatment of cancer are generally expensive, every month hundreds of thousands of dollars in the cost of treatment is often difficult to bear. Even if there is a way to free medication, such as clinical trials of drugs or participation in a charitable donation program, not all patients are lucky enough, and the risks are self-evident. Therefore, many patients can only give up treatment. While generics in a period of time since the face "imitation on the mere mention of the situation. An expert involved in the national drug safety 12th Five-Year plan, the drafting of the experts have said publicly: the original research drug just 1 tablets in China, but have to eat 5." But this does not mean that the short version of generic drugs only exist in China’s lower pharmaceutical technology standards. In the United States, the FDA approved generic drugs must have the same active ingredient as the generic product, and are consistent with the indications, dosage forms, specifications, and route of administration of the manufactured product. At the same time, the same requirements must be met in terms of bioequivalence and quality. The Chinese pharmaceutical companies have maintained a lack of investment in R & D, innovation is not strong, the status quo, some imitation will相关的主题文章: