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Portuguese Intelligence: the two sides nearly 6 games, the Lisbon athletics with 5 wins on Friday 023             Portuguese; Portugal VS Lisbon national athletics       2016-10-29 04:00         location: Madrid pull: 21 degrees cloudy weather at the Portuguese national the current situation: the Portuguese national team in the main part of the holiday week, the team’s 0-4 miserable defeat Ferreira, suffered a painful defeat, the team striker Cadiz, Verdi and top scorer Ha Chay Du have injuries, the war against the Lisbon athletics both in strength and stamina are at a disadvantage. Portuguese nationals currently only got 7 points in the league, the team this season, the League home record of 1 wins and 3 negative trend, the home of the last battle is 0-4 lost to Oporto. Lisbon athletics status: Lisbon Athletic League home court was tondela and League, recent 2 war greatly, but the Champions League is the home court against Dortmund, the current situation of the poor Lisbon athletics team, Portuguese League 17 points behind in third place, with the top team between 5 points behind, before the start of next week in Europe Cup game, Lisbon athletics must ensure that the League scored 3 points behind League early to avoid. Clash history: the two teams in the last six games in the official record of the game, the Portuguese nationals made a record of 1 flat and negative 5. Game Analysis: SMG Shengping Fu played the war out of the 7.50-4.20-1.32 SP portfolio, SMG data reasonably reflect the strength of the gap between the two teams, the Lisbon athletics disc guest let a ball ball half high water disk concessions, taking into account the recent Lisbon athletics have lost in background, the Asian plate deep plate plate high water retaining potential intentions. The war on not to overheat the disc by injection, to maintain the competitive advantage of Lisbon concession reasonable confidence, SMG Shengping Fu played radio main negative suggestions. Prediction: First: Silva, a Portuguese national Figue Ailey do, Siqueira, Garcia, Correia, Martins, Rodrigues, Waston, Gomes, Ronnie, Agra, Lisbon, Coates, Patricio athletics: Zeh Lal, Elias, Schelotto, Carvalho, Martins, Semedo, Ruiz, Dost, Andre (to snow)相关的主题文章: