Postpartum don’t want to collapse, to see these maternal breastfeeding tricks – Sohu running man 20130908

Postpartum don’t want to crash, take a look at these breastfeeding tricks – Sohu maternal pregnancy in October, after the "99 eighty-one difficult", finally put the little guy intact into the world, however…… Let treasure mom collapse is, postpartum to experience the level is not less than pregnancy, bear the brunt of the breast feeding, ah, in October, the bacteria is very understanding, do not believe that follow the bacteria to look at those things breastfeeding. Do you drink milk, I do what most babies will have to drink milk at night habits, but trapped as a dog should treasure the mother to your baby, and can get rid of the Sandman’s visit, so…… Down down down bacteria weapon: when feeding at night, treasure the mother can try to use "lie prone hold" type of feeding position, to ensure smooth baby sucking at the same time, also can let the small treasure mom can take a nap, Mei Da ~ nurse not only shoot two hawks with one arrow, tired, and pain if the feeding way is not correct, plus no breast emptying time, easily lead to breastfeeding mom suffering from mastitis, mainly for the local tenderness breast lump or fever, redness, some have a fever accompanied by his mother. However…… Poor parents of the world, even if the pain, do not have the heart to hungry baby! Bacteria weapon: 1 full rest 2 to lactation (such as breast local fester, should stop breastfeeding) 3 timely emptying the breast 4 try not to wear a bra steel ring in October: Although bacteria mastitis treasure mother sick unceasingly, but as long as the proper response to symptoms are mitigated in a short period of time. What? Has just been fed in good condition! Very not easy to feed the milk, and finally can make a free hand to enjoy their time, but just watched a few episodes for the hair and the feeding? Po Ma pinch refers to a count, this is the eighth time today breast-feeding! Bacteria weapon: neonatal The new supersedes the old. speed, may be just to drink the milk, a row on the hungry. So treasure the mother regardless of day or night, do not need two breast-feeding between long "breastfeeding on demand" is the principle of feeding ~ the best behaved, a drink, a bottle of baby sometimes used to resist the mother’s nipple and refused to drink milk, because sucking the bottle easier than sucking his mother’s nipple, and punching the milk taste is slightly sweeter than in breast milk, can also cause the baby refused to eat milk, this is simply minutes to treasure the mother collapsed! Bacteria weapon: when the baby "nipple confusion", his mother not to worry too much, you can first bottles, pacifiers and other disabled, then use the pads, let the baby get used directly sucking milk, and then transition a little bit, until the baby can take off the sticker, fully accept the nipple. October bacteria head: but when the baby has been reluctant to eat breast milk, and accompanied by vomiting, diarrhea, drowsiness and other symptoms, it is likely that the baby is sick, Po mom is best able to take the baby in time to see a doctor. I am not wet a lot of lactation treasure mom will find that when the baby, the other side of the breast will be synchronized milk outflow, drops in the clothes of small things, for the amount of milk was less!相关的主题文章: