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"Potato man" in 2018 summer Xiamen released 3D animated film "potato man" won the favor of the animation industry from Fujian to build the image of domestic animated film team "potato man" animated series in the past three years, a record 500 million hits well, now, "soil beans man" movie is 3D for the wildly beating gongs and drums, the producers have moved to Xiamen, the film is expected to meet with the audience in 2018 summer. This is the reporter from yesterday at the two phase of the software park, potato man was a big movie conference was informed. The province’s animation industry has been the lack of excellent animation IP (intellectual property) short board. As the domestic animation rookie, "potato man" was launched on 2012 "golden monkey award won Chinese Animation Award" awards, and among the major domestic children’s channel and network channel cartoon rankings. Producers in Fuzhou day Valley Network Science and technology limited company’s stone film said, "potato man" movie will enrich the characters and plot based on the original animation, suitable for all ages to watch animated movies. Of course, the animation film is "burn". Producer Zhang Yibin also admitted that the fund has always been a big bottleneck, but the animation, based on the "potato man" prior to laying a good foundation, there are a number of investment institutions to throw an olive branch, plan to jointly promote the development of film production and IP peripheral products. Daily economic news reporter noted that with the introduction of domestic animation ushered in the golden period, coupled with the pace of development of the city’s animation continues to accelerate, in recent years there are more and more companies involved in Xiamen animation film and television and get the attention of the capital.相关的主题文章: