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Pregnant women pregnant for 7 months by bus, was ridiculed as poor mother now by bus – Sohu people can almost be said to be one of the largest group of people, but some people actually do public ridicule, but also a pregnant 7 months pregnant, even the bus driver told the Tucao, pregnant women said the people on the bus said her husband is not qualified. Or take a look at what is going on. Currently 7 months pregnant, in accordance with the provisions of one hour ahead of schedule. However, I would like to sleep in the morning will be more than half an hour in the morning, half an hour early in the afternoon off. This morning, the landlord can do their own at home to do a rich and nutritious breakfast. But the husband or go to work at 8 (US units) so I decided to take the bus to work. At present in the house, close to the hospital, so I always take a station to go to work. In fact, my home to the hospital or more cars, so I think there is a general position. But I feel like everyone is looking at me with strange eyes. In the evening to go out to buy things, do the first drops, return to see the opposite just a car was proposed to do the bus home, he agreed. After coming home, my husband said the driver of the car has been nagging said that I was his first work to do the bus today also said he has been pregnant, the incompetent husband, such a big stomach for pregnant women to do the bus, not the car taxi will also be spread. Then it is depressing to say the other passengers in the car also said his wife qionggui, followed him really manufacturing. I was surprised to say how I didn’t know, he said I was asleep. All right, I have no words. Occasionally do bus, I think it is not so exaggerated, but I can understand the bus master’s mood. But I think they are very concerned about the stability of the car and then get off. I also want to drop work, but recently the unit door road is not good parking parked outside a bus station and almost, or to a big circle around, but many people do not know how to go. But by the end of 8 months I would have walked to work, lest the family should be worried. Through combing will find that the couple were three aspects of the mental attack: pregnant women should not take the bus. The couple were poor pregnant women. Pregnant woman’s husband incompetent. To the question, 7 months pregnant pregnant women on the bus do you want? If so big belly still let daughter-in-law by bus, the husband is not a qualified husband? Pregnant women can take a bus about whether a woman can take a bus to this problem has been controversial, many people think that pregnancy is a special the time, so if you can do is try not to the bus, but the actual situation of each woman is different, whether pregnant women can take a bus to this problem, if pregnant women without any symptoms you can take the bus. Note 1, pregnant women take a bus to go ahead by bus especially pregnant women workers pregnant mothers Zuogongjiaoche had better go ahead better, because of the particularity of pregnant women during pregnancy so that pregnant women or go out early to avoid the driver, in addition to point out early pregnant women should also avoid the bus after bus, some.相关的主题文章: