Professional cure small thick legs you need to fashion blogger these strokes barcarolle

Professional "cure" small thick legs you need a fashion blogger in this recipe lead: not every blogger like Chiara Ferragni that was born with a facial figure, such as today we are going to introduce is an appearance and stature are not outstanding (or leg was too coarse) Italy inspirational Bo the main Laura Comolli. (source: Elle Chinese network) Laura Comolli do you believe it? Her first appearance was like this! Whether from a single product or to match, are very hot eyes…… Body problems are particularly prominent. (this photo of Po on the blog you will take off it) Laura Comolli before modeling this bad taste but was mercilessly abandoned, Laura opened in slowly groping, choose more suitable for their own products, other also significantly more and more fashionable. Laura Comolli metamorphosis after modeling Laura Comolli now operates its own blog PURSES & (I), the above classification to share her style street shot, life, beauty experience. Laura Comolli not only in the evolution of the shape is quite inspirational, itself is also the mouth of the problem size: it is obvious legs thick, wearing a skirt to kneel". The side leg is too thick, too beautiful lines: the front side of the line of leg leg type is also very significant short, wearing ankle boots is basically a tragedy: the calf is not only a positive line seems to be Laura Comolli main road is one of the biggest challenges, many of our girls usually the most headache is troubled. Laura on the back of the styling is also quite concerned about the calf problem, which contributed to a lot of practical fly cover technology. 1. You can wear jeans, please select wide shots! In particular, Boyfriend wind loose jeans, for the upper part of the body thin fat girl, is the most obvious wardrobe essential. Too much emphasis on the legs of the lines of denim pencil pants are not suitable for the legs of the girl, look at the following contrast chart can be found on the right side of the loose jeans but let the leg problem hidden in invisible. Avoid wearing straight jeans like this recent popular nine straight legged cowboy can also wear high-heeled shoes to avoid collocation, make the legs appear shorter. 2. The profile of "problems flared trousers leg part of the leg of the stout cures" can be fully covered by Weila, "bellbottoms + shoes" has almost become the gospel of coarse leg girl! But this advice is not suitable for girls with thick thighs. Here’s a photo of Laura, can you find out that she’s a "not perfect" rough legged blogger? Weila pants flared trousers 3. Wide leg pants to give you the greatest sense of security for the Tuicu girl, dress is more secure than wide leg pants, especially the waist slim girl suggested collocation tall waist section to put on, so that not only cover the defect also highlights the advantages of thin waist. Wide leg pants 6. Profile skirt相关的主题文章: