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Psychology of marriage: 8 coup package you every day (Figure) to love sweet fried package every day you love sweet 8 coup to fry the modern science has shown that love is a time limit, after the deadline, maybe we are more eager, maybe the feelings of both men and women into the stable, perhaps to feel for each other get bored. How to prolong the period of love and keep each other fresh? 8 tips to tell you. 1, keep your curiosity every day of life is a new challenge, of course, your other half is also. Try to find a variety of him, when he, when he and friends, play together, he with you. He, when he and his favorite all the leisure activities at him, everyone in the situation and behavior under different people may have different faces, the same to you also, in addition to many aspects of the other found, let the other person know that you’re not just you, everyone is changing, it is because of these diverse and created their own unique! 2, make life colorful life will be immutable and frozen kill one’s enthusiasm, in rut life will weaken between two people and a spark of passion. Stop to the same shop to eat, don’t just go to the same place date (or even just stay at home), and find some more suitable for dating couples where two people travel arrangements (or with act in pettish way and asked him to help arrange different travel). If two people usually live too busy cannot always trouble to arrange the trip, then from meals to start! An occasional breakfast or lunch appointment is a minor factor in busy life! 3, love will strain at any time, the relationship between the two as the day progresses and different, in the face of a relationship the best way in addition to make their own efforts, but also to be. Be open to change and to face the changes that you feel at any time. Remember, don’t lose yourself no matter what. 4, and each has advantages and disadvantages, then live a long time, the original advantages attract people can gradually lost their appeal in the eyes of each other, even as behoove. At the same time, we may be more focused on each other’s shortcomings, which led to the alienation of two people and disputes. Hey, think about why you fell in love with him! Here is not to tell you to completely ignore his shortcomings, shortcomings can be improved together, but do not ignore each other’s advantages! 5, remember to close the scientists confirmed that hugging can reduce people’s anxiety, can increase our happiness index. Physical contact is not only to bring warmth to the body, but also to appease the restless mood. If the two is not a long-distance love, usually hand, hug and kiss, is the most direct way to maintain feelings! 6, to maintain a little sense of openness and honesty is the basis of trust. But that doesn’t mean that everything is to be confessed in front of him. For example, I want to get a surprise. Sometimes it’s a little bit of a mystery to keep him focused on you. 7, armed with knowledge of their own empty head of a woman will not let a man.相关的主题文章: