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Pu Jinhui said to listen to the national apology cronies preview notes – Beijing Comments cronies in new network on 25 October, comprehensive Korean media reports, recently, South Korea’s JTBC television exposure President Cui Shunshi Park Geun hye in his speech before the preview’s speech. In this regard, the 25 day event on the park Geun hye apologize national, and frankly president once listen to the opinions of cronies. According to reports, the South Korean JTBC TV 24 evening news reported, Cui Shun is park Geun hye before the speech has been the speech manuscript number up to 44 copies, involving state conference opening speech, presidential election canvassing speech, was elected president in his inaugural speech. It is reported that these speeches by Pu Jinhui cronies conveyed to Cui Shunshi aspects. Local time 25 days, South Korean President Park Geun hye held a press conference of the events described, and apologize to the people. Pu Jinhui said in a press conference, when she experienced difficulties in the past, to give her help, the fate of the two. Cui Shunshi for the main speech of Park Geun hye in the general election, the election campaign and other issues, provide personal opinions. Pu Jinhui said, in a certain period of time after the president, also worked with Cui Shunshi for some of the information exchange of views, but in the perfect system of staff, did not listen to advice cronies. Pu Jinhui for the majority of the people shocked by the heartache that guilt. Earlier, South Korea Chong Wa Dae spokesman Zheng Ranguo told reporters, are in the understanding of the relevant circumstances. The specific understanding of the relevant circumstances by which department’s question, Zheng Ranguo said, is through a variety of channels to understand the matter. Whether the problem mentioned on Park Geun hye, Zheng Ranguo declined to comment, said only to confirm after the announcement.相关的主题文章: