Pu Jinhui bestie Cui Shunshi encroach on the 20 year old man who helped small money-ca1477

Pu Jinhui Shunshi bestie Cui small 20 year old man who encroach on the original title: bestie and money to play toy boy Jiedi Pu Jinhui "bestie" Cui Shunshi encroach on the handsome fermentation of South Korean media reported on October 30th, with President Park Geun Hye Cui Shunshi "dry bestie political events continue to ferment, another key Association also surfaced and this incident. A tall and handsome man accused of mysterious relationship with Cui Shunshi close, she suspected of helping fund money through two. The difference between the 20 year old sister love Korea Times website reported on October 30th, the man named Gao Yongtai (transliteration), aged 40. The realization of the 60 year old Cui Shun, the difference between the ages of the people of the full age of 20 years old, the age of two. According to South Korean media say, Gao Yongtai played a role in helping Cui Shunshi money "close door". Although little personal information about Gao Yongtai media is known, but some media or dug up some dirt between him and Cui Shunshi". According to these reports, Yongtai is a former athlete, has represented the South Korean National Team Sabre participated in the Asian Games and won a gold medal. After retiring, he served as the marketing staff in an upscale bar south of Seoul Jiangnan District, alias "Min woo", with good looks attract special wealthy middle-aged women to consumption. A man who claimed to have worked with Gao Yongtai, an anonymous man, said in an interview with a radio station in South Korea that Gao Yongtai and Cui Ming met in the bar around 2006. Although the two age difference, but they soon developed into a close relationship. The man said: "Gao Yongtai handsome, on this point, he earned a lot of money. I guess Cui Shunshi is just one of his closest clients." Management of "shell company" Cui Shunshi "money politics" after the scandal, with close ties to Gao Yongtai in late October 27th to active prosecutors questioned. After about 40 hours of questioning, he finally left at noon on October 29th. However, the prosecution did not disclose the specific content of the inquiry. According to South Korea, some media said, Cui Shunshi in Korea and Germany, respectively, opened a bag company, the relevant matters are handed over to the care of Gao Yongtai. At the same time, she also founded two non-profit foundation, and the relationship with Park Geun hye prompted many big companies "generous". Through the "shell company", Cui Shunshi put the two fund money for his personal use. In addition, the high Yongtai also began to get involved in fashion circles in 2008. With the help of Cui Shunshi, he created his own accessories brand. 2013, Pu Jinhui took this brand handbag appeared in public places, the brand immediately fame, causing the star sought after. However, the intimate relationship between the two is not long. According to some reports, Gao Yongtai to introduce a man surnamed Cui to Shunshi, the man Cui Shunshi reuse, the relationship between the two a sudden turn for the worse. After changing the relationship with the Cui Cui stiff, high Yongtai in mid October to the South Korean JTBC television broke the news that the biggest hobby is to review the president’s speech". Since then, this TV 2相关的主题文章: