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Qin Yun: the Orangemen crossed first banks strong opponents but not invincible [] battlefield country foot 0-0 Iran Zengcheng back injury Wu Lei Qin wrote to miss a single cloud 0:0 home court and the Iran team draw, the national team gained twelve finals first. In the face of the strongest opponents of the two games, Gao Hongbo and his players took a solid first step towards the final stages of moscow. The twelve round of the match against Iran, the national team’s bottom line is not to lose points. This is a key game in the first two rounds of competition, because the first round of defeat, back home can not get points, regardless of the team or the outside world will be hit by confidence. The results of the draw, Gao Hongbo and the national team for the surrender of the respondents did not disappoint. In addition to this game, in addition to this point, is the coach team and the team as a whole in maturity, to adapt to the most brutal Asian football game atmosphere. In the game, the national team did not play gorgeous and ups and downs of the process, there is no risk of attack, and even some scenes like home games, but in the end to get the real points. The guiding ideology of the national team competition is conservative and utilitarian, but did not get the lost points in the game. This shows that the coaching staff and players in the control of the game and the game strategy, has made great progress. Our opponent is not strong invincible to the twelve match as the last phase of the 2018 Russia World Cup Asian preliminaries, is the highest level of Asian Football tournament. Of course, competition is also the most intense. Unfortunately, the Chinese team since the 2002 World Cup, has been absent from this event for up to 15 years. Now the national team coaches and players, there is no experience of the tournament, it should be said that the team needs to adapt to the twelve game. Gao Hongbo repeatedly mentioned that we are in the twelfth place to enter the top twelve games, this group we ranked sixth, are in a low profile to accept the reality. The first two games of the national team to the third Wei five defensive guard system, and strive to make points in the group of the strongest teams in Korea Iran match bind stability condition, strategy is correct and practical, but also reflects the effect of the game. The round of twelve year long cycle in the one or two game, gorgeous wonderful game, very touching and process, to the final result in Moscow and there is not much value. And Gao Hongbo took over the national team in February this year, the national team building planning and technical and tactical adjustments can not have enough time. South Korea, Iran two games in the national team in the attack are frequently before and after the field of touch, is a defensive investment is too large, on the other hand also shows that the team tactics has not yet run in place. There is not enough training and warm-up exercise, the national team only with competition, through the twelve season to improve team capability and strength. According to the objective reality, to take appropriate strategies to participate in the game, and ultimately get a point from the Iran team is the return of Gao Hongbo and the national team. The first two rounds of the game finished, China team in group A in fourth place with 1 points, the Uzbekistan team with 6 points in the first two matches, Iran and South Korea are one of a flat to get 4 points ranked two or three behind in the first. The integral, Chinese team has not been away from Iran and South korea.相关的主题文章: