Qinghai announced retirees basic pension adjustment measures increased by 246 yuan per person per mo-ca4111

Qinghai announced measures to adjust the basic pension for retirees increase 246 yuan per month – Beijing, Beijing, Xining, September 13, (Sun Rui) 13, Qinghai Province, human resources and Social Security Bureau deputy director Su Quanren at a press conference announced the province’s retiree basic pension adjustment method: enterprises and institutions retirees weighted average after the increase in the basic pension 246 yuan per month, 6.6% adjustment. Su Quanren introduction, from January 1, 2016 onwards, will be the province of Qinghai before the end of 2015 to apply for retirement procedures, has received a monthly basic pension retirees to raise the level of basic pension. The overall level of adjustment in accordance with the basic pension of 6.5% yuan per month in 2015 retirees determine. In the overall level of adjustment, according to the enterprise retirees per capita monthly pension of about 7% of the master, institutions and institutions by the institutions retirees about 6% per month pension. It is understood that the state approved the Qinghai provincial enterprises and institutions retirees weighted average monthly increase of 246 yuan per capita basic pension, the adjustment rate of 6.6%. Among them, the monthly increase of 215 yuan per person of enterprise retirees, an adjustment of the rate of $7.1% per month per month increase in government institutions retirees increased by an adjusted rate of $5.9%. "It should be noted that the proportion of enterprises and institutions to adjust the proportion of the province’s overall average level of increase, not every retiree must raise the level of. Part of the payment period is short and can not reach the tilt of the staff, may be lower than the average level of the province; part of the payment of a long period of time and in line with the conditions of special adjustment personnel, will meet or exceed the average level of the province." Su Quanren said, Qinghai province this year to adjust policies mainly adopt quota adjustment, hook adjustment and proper tilt combined approach, to better reflect the implementation of the reform of the endowment insurance system of the merger, in the enterprises and institutions retirees quota adjustment level, tilt adjustment in three aspects to elderly people inclined completely consistent, considering the difficult the area factor adjustment. In addition, the adjustment of the basic pension for retirees, the basic pension is less than 2015 at the end of the province’s average minimum monthly wage of 85%, by the end of 2015 the average monthly minimum wage standard 85% meter, for the first time to establish a minimum pension standards which is in Qinghai for 12 consecutive years after adjusting pensions. Su Quanren said that this year the overall proportion is lower than in previous years, so the quota adjustment, considering the factors of hard adjustment and amplitude tilt to the elderly people, but also decrease, and adjust the ratio of roughly the same. But after the adjustment of enterprises per capita monthly pension is still in the forefront of institutions also at higher levels. Qinghai province people club department will ensure that before the end of September will increase the basic pension payment to each retiree. (end)相关的主题文章: