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Queen Victoria shorts sold 140 thousand price record Sohu news queen shorts sold 140 thousand price according to the British "Daily Mail" reported recently, a pair of shorts worn by Queen Victoria took out 140 thousand yuan of high in London, to create a world record. The picture shows the value of 140 thousand high shorts. Experts had estimated that the maximum price of the shorts no more than 3000 pounds (about RMB 26 thousand), and the production costs may be less than $600 (about RMB 5000). However, in the pursuit of a number of fanatical "antique shorts enthusiasts", this "Royal shorts" actually to 16250 pounds (about RMB 140 thousand) turnover, a world record. The picture is Queen Victoria. It is understood that the history of the shorts can be traced back to the late nineteenth Century. At that time, Queen Victoria was in his later years, the figure is not the same as the past, waist hip stout, wearing a large number of shorts. Shorts for linen material, style simple and generous, embroidered with a crown pattern and two English letters VR. VR is the abbreviation of Queen Victoria (Victoria Regina), which means that the shorts are customized for the queen. London auction chairman Adnan Kensington, Nick Mike, Haydn (Nic McElhatton) pointed out that they had ever sold Queen Victoria’s underwear, but the price is relatively normal, this is far from a high. He also said that because the queen pays great attention to personal hygiene, personal clothing is usually worn only once. Pictured staff show Queen Victoria shorts. The public has always been interested in the royal family, especially the British royal family, in short supply. In July last year, the auction house to 12090 pounds (about RMB 100 thousand) to sell a cotton shorts, became the world record. Pictured staff show Queen Victoria shorts.相关的主题文章: