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Womens-Issues Spring is almost here and love is in the air. You see people walking outside again and sitting the park holding hands and eating picnic lunches. Yes, spring is here and the season of love is upon us. Even the small squirrels are romping around and the birds are starting to build their nests. What is more wonderful than a new perfume at this time of year, and the Ralph Lauren fragrance of Romance is perfect for both men and women. The ladies perfume is an exquisite blend of fresh rose, violet, marigold, essence of tangerine, chamomile and freesia with a touch of ginger and oak moss. The men’s after shave lotion is a masculine blend of crisp, cool fresh, exotic spices, sensual woods and seductive musk. Perfume has been around for hundreds of years. The Egyptians incorporated perfume into their religious rituals; the French established the first .mercial center of the perfume trade in Paris. The cultivation of flowers grew into a major industry and for many years perfumes were primarily used by the rich and royalty to help mask body odors that were prevalent in the days before deodorants and daily baths were .mon. There is now a trend where movie stars and other popular sports figures are promoting fragrances of their own to the public. The illusion being that you can be more like them if you use their products. Many well known manufacturers of clothing are now getting into the perfume market and the Ralph Lauren fragrance called Romance is one of the more popular ones. It is loved by both men and women and is reasonably priced so that anyone can afford to purchase it. Keeping and using your favorite bottle of Ralph Lauren Romance regularly is important. Did you know that perfumes are best kept away from sources of heat and direct sunlight? And, an opened bottle will keep its fragrance for about 1 year after you open it-so, unless you use a specific perfume or aftershave ever day, you might want to only invest in a small bottle since you should replace it every year. If you want to try out Ralph Lauren’s Romance or any other perfumes, go to your local department store’s cosmetic center. They have dozens of different perfumes for you to try before you actually make a purchase. One important item to remember is that you should not try more than three different perfumes at a time-and that you should spray them on a special piece of paper (that should be available at the perfume counter) so that can wave the paper in front of your nose to test the scent. Go back to the department store several times until you have had an opportunity to test all of the different perfumes you are interested in. Do not purchase a fragrance based on how its smells on a friend as everyone’s body chemistry is difference and the scent you love on her might be awful on you. Once you narrow down your selection to a few perfumes, try one. Put in on the inside of your wrists and behind your ears to see whether or not you like it on. Also, ask your boyfriend or husband if they like it. Today, there are literally hundreds of different fragrances are available and Ralph Lauren’s Romance is just one them. Whatever fragrance you choose, wear it all time. Do not save it for special occasions-remember that every day is a special day. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: