Real man 2 Yang Mi, Shen Shen Su Yan Yan big pK (video) shiyang

"Real man 2" Yang Mi Liyan Tong Shen Mengchen makeup PK "real man" is going to start the second quarter, the biggest thing is to join the female star, and were asked to pure makeup appearance, in the barracks of life which have time to dress up. It is necessary to test the skin of the female star, Yang Mi, Liyan Tong, who is the real goddess in the end, may wish to look at the small and make up a look at the. In a group photo after exposure, three beautiful star after training, obviously tired, Yang Mi also said that his skin in the sun will be allergic, his face flushed, Liyan Tong features a very delicate, even makeup is also very beautiful. And Shen Mengchen on the point, the appearance of Su Yan, face looks slightly swollen. Yang Mi and Liyan Tong had acted together in the Qing Dynasty costume drama, costume, beautiful, with Yang Mi through the drama palace burst of red and Liyan Tong also began to emerge. At that time, two people are very quiet and elegant makeup. Yang Mi will be in the sun on the micro-blog some su Yan, although there are traces of pseudo Su Yan, but fortunately the skin is good enough, so the appearance of Su Yan looks good. Yang Mi makeup passport, Wuguanduanzheng, Meimuqingxiu, but after the make-up look more delicate and beautiful. Liyan Tong is absolutely not to mention, big beautiful, very beautiful, even pure makeup also can give a person a kind of amazing feeling, not to mention the makeup of the Ya Ya, very beautiful. Liyan Tong Su Yan documents, although the black eye is very heavy, but the face is beautiful, facial features or good-looking. Shen Mengchen has been deeply involved in plastic surgery rumors, but she looked at the previous documents and photos of the photos, facial features have changed, to say there is no cosmetic who do not believe it. Self portrait with the appearance of makeup and makeup, the contrast is still very large, the makeup of the charming Shen Mengchen temperament. The world’s top fashion #FashionRocks# Asia Music Festival debut! The world’s top music superstar and a fashion big gathering, most can not miss the visual feast of fashion watch the exclusive Tencent, only for the most fashionable you down here: understand SWIN-S: the teacher makes us happy Da Fan相关的主题文章: