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UnCategorized A Marquise cut blood red Ruby encircled by tiny clusters of Diamonds set in glittering Platinum! Who on earth would be able to resist this beauty being showcased by a ring. Be it hip hop jewelry or fine jewelry, the rings are placed on a very special scale in every jewelry class. There are many such items that are meant to bring out the best if worn accordingly and in an appropriate manner. Rings are thought to be one such item that are considered to be the most charismatic jewelry article by many women and men alike. They not only .plement the shape of the fingers rather enhances the appeal of the whole hand. Rings are said to be the oldest form of jewelry items that were used to be worn by the ancient civilizations. Rings are of various designs and shapes. They are made of different metals and gemstones. Rings share somehow more importance than any other jewelry item and it is mainly because rings are used as a symbol of love and .mitment at the occasions of engagements and weddings. Wedding and engagement rings are a very important segment of the jewelry items. There are promise rings and friendship rings also that are being exchanged as means of vows and pledges. There are many a young men who have won the yes from their beloveds through the use of notoriously famous diamond ring. Diamond rings are supposed to be the best option if it .es to be given as special gift or to pledge ones love. Rings are made of plain metals and also with the gem stones. The wedding bands most of the times are plain rings made of gold, silver and platinum. Stone studded rings are equally popular specially birth stone rings. This is the craft of the jeweler as to match the right stones for the befitting metals. There are so many cuts for the stones that are to be fitted in the rings namely, marquise, square, round, heart shape, oval, pear, teardrop etc. The rings enhance the shape of the whole hand. The choice of the rings should b made accordingly. If you are considering wearing stone studded rings then the cut and the shape of the ring should be kept in mind. For instance, round stones are best for the long fingers and pear and marquise shapes are better for the shorter fingers as they will add lengthening effect to the short fingers. Thicker band styles are good for thinner fingers. Big and cocktail style rings are better for the large hands as they will overwhelm the shape of the shorter hands. These tips should be kept in mind before buying the ring either for your own self or as a gift for someone else. Jewelry adds a special shimmer to the persona of the wearer and rings play an important part to demonstrate this enhancement. Whether it is a diamond ring or a plain band, the choice of the style and stone says a lot about your personality. So, say it loudly and clearly through the medium of your favorite ring. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: