[S] view the grasslands of East Africa magic Acacia Tourism – Sohu nvidia geforce gt 740m

[S] view the grasslands of East Africa on the magic of Acacia Trees – Sohu tourism in East Africa prairie, often see a tree like an umbrella, after inquiry, learned that it was the Acacia tree. The acacia tree is very unique, high trunk, suddenly grows like a crown, umbrella, like a stretch of the sky, shining in the sunrise or sunset, like a piece of cloud, no wonder a lot about Africa book cover are acacia tree image. Acacia tree sheltered creatures in the grasslands, the beasts in the shade under a tree, sometimes lion dominate the shade, sometimes see wildebeest or sheep gathered under the trees, birds in the tree habitat, giraffe craned to eat leaves, of course, here is the local people to a resting place. Acacia tree nourishes the continent, its roots can be fixed nitrogen in the soil, nitrogen is one of the most important natural fertilizer, the acacia trees surrounding crops and plants grow well, no acacia trees where plant growth will be less. Acacia is a "smart" tree, when the antelope eat its leaves, Acacia will release ethylene, ethylene can diffuse into these 50 yards, similar to the warning information, to prevent the animal swallowed it, sometimes even can kill the animal. In the dust of the East African savannah, to the hotel on the road, the heart full of doubts, the local hotel can live it, however, to the hotel resident, fresh air, very pleasant, that there are a lot of Acacia trees most of the hotel, to prevent dust intrusion. 000 free competition category Shuangtian, every living body or organism in nature, with its position and role, they do not like people find a sense of presence, their existence is the natural existence, is the reason for the existence of.                                                                                    相关的主题文章: