Said the manual block is more fun why super run without manual block (video) y580

Said the manual block is more fun why super run without manual block? Manual block car good or automatic block? Before Ferrari executives will be fully revealed to abandon the use of manual in Ferrari models, Lamborghini and Karen are no longer a manual transmission models. Porsche has also said that the demand for manual transmission model is indeed very low, has not been able to guarantee sufficient research and development funds to continue the development of manual models. So the question is, people do not often say that playing sports cars and the performance of the car can only play a manual block to drive fun? Why do these cars now have to give up manual? Super run 4 seconds break 100, you sure your hand fast enough? Are you sure it’s really "hold" to start running? There is no Unicorn 30 years, you are sure to be able to break the speed of the car within 4 seconds smooth shift? With this type of super run car, less two million, more than tens of millions, if manual models in the control is not smooth like water shift technology, the gearbox and the life of your car, the occupants of the personal and property safety are will cause certain risks. Now, automatic transmission technology more and more advanced, compared with the manual transmission, even if you no matter how fast fast but automatic transmission automatic adjustment, dual clutch said a few tenths of time for complete blocking, manual you keep up? Also, can afford to buy the ten super run nine is rich, how comfortable habits or business phone busy they love manual that is too cumbersome and laborious? High end cars are automatic, manual block has become a symbol of the low-end "my car is a manual block, you can not open," when you hear this sentence, the brain complement each other’s car is a high-end car or low-end car? I believe most people should think the other car is a car not expensive car or low-end car of the joint venture. Therefore, the manual is also slowly become synonymous with low-end in the country. Now the luxury models will be matched with all kinds of automatic transmission as one of the selling points, but also gradually in the field of high-end cars to make people feel the low-end manual block. Automatic more advanced, the manual is not vanished? Note that the manual run compared to the past is the number of reduced, and not completely disappeared, and some attention to driving pleasure brand will not easily give up manual.相关的主题文章: