Samsung S6 also blew the eyes of the men were burned in Yunnan! wharfedale

Samsung S6 also blew the eyes of the men were burned in Yunnan! Too horrible to look at! Samsung S6 also fried, Yunnan man was burned eyes! (CCTV financial news) 29, Yunnan Chuxiong Yao’an County Guo Samsung S6 mobile phone also exploded, but also the eyes to burn. We met Mr. Guo in the hospital, Mr. Guo’s eyes eyelashes have been burned, the right eye burns more serious. Chuxiong fuming eye hospital doctor Zhou Lijing: eyelid skin, eyelashes all burn, and conjunctiva, ocular surface and charred bodies. Reporter: will not affect vision? Chuxiong fuming eye hospital doctor Zhou Lijing: certainly, he is now his eyesight is certainly bad, but this treatment is expected to be restored by us. Mr Guo told reporters that he this Samsung S6 mobile phone, was bought in April this year, the time of the incident, put some fever in her mobile phone, then take out of view. Guo Xingwen: at that time, there are Eighty-seven percent power automatic shutdown, automatic shutdown of some mobile phone fever, fever after I get up and open the boot after the flashing red light flashing two began to fire, and then I lost, it is all fire burning head. Reporter: mainly hurt the eyes? Guo Xingwen: Yes, it is. After the incident, Mr. Guo’s wife also began to contact the owner of the phone to sell the phone and Samsung customer service. Mr. Guo: his wife told me to mobile phone today or tomorrow back to Kunming within the shipper, the shipper returned to manufacturers, and I apply for the machine, but the harm they can’t handle this one. In response to this situation, we also consult a lawyer. Lawyer Zheng Zhijun: in this case, consumers can choose products selling products sales and production of the manufacturers claim compensation, the way to solve the problem, including the local consumer protection association request can be resolved through consultation, to the people’s court to solve. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: