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The Scotland captain Rooney: have the right to celebrate in solidarity with us as well – Sports Sohu   from the "Sky Sports" reports, the Scotland captain Fletcher in an interview with Rooney, that Rooney has the right to celebrate the victory, social media players and fans mingle not developed. After the 3:0 victory over Scotland, Rooney night booze in the photo are exposed, causing the FA and criticism of the media. Although he has apologized for that, Mourinho still wants to put him on the bench at Manchester united. In this regard, the Scotland captain, Rooney in Manchester United’s former teammate Fletcher, did not think that after the win to celebrate is a huge mistake, social media caused the estrangement between the players and the fans, and he believes Rooney has the ability to regain the starting at Manchester, led united to success. Fletcher said: "if we win on Friday, we will celebrate. Maybe people think victory means a lot to us, and it’s the same for them. That’s why they celebrate. People often say, now the player does not like in the past and mingle with the fans. I think this is an example of why players don’t dare to do so, because give you a few minutes, give you a few photos, tomorrow you will appear in tomorrow’s newspaper. With the popularity of mobile phones and social media, players are uncomfortable in this environment, and the situation like Saturday is easy to stir up." Rooney is now out of Manchester United’s first, but his former teammate, Fletcher believes that the inherent nature of the leadership of the leader of the United States, to regain the starting point, led Manchester United to win the victory of the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United States, the United States and the United states. He said: "I was at Manchester United and then I chose to leave because I wanted to play football. Rooney made his debut in the final game against Manchester United and was captain of Scotland, and I think his situation is exaggerated. There is no clear standard of state, sometimes the facts will be enlarged. Rooney is a talented player, he is the leader of Manchester United, I know, because I have been with him. People should not ignore the role of his leader, he is a good player, if a few months after he took back the main force, led Manchester United to win, I am not surprised." (Fei Niao)相关的主题文章: