Second tier cities in the property market and the regulation of the property market in Ji’nan, but

The domestic second tier city property and the regulation of the property market in Ji’nan can tide fire long public network September 19th news this year, contrary to the real economy, a second tier property market is fire, especially in second tier city, Hefei, Xiamen, Nanjing and Suzhou are called "the four dragons house". Ji’nan, especially in the eastern city, not resigned to playing second fiddle, real estate in January rose 6000 yuan per square, recently also appeared in "on cd-rom.". The property market turnover has caused the central and local governments, the night of 18, Hangzhou followed Suzhou and Xiamen pace, restrictions on foreigners to buy two suites. Recent hot property market in Ji’nan, how far away from the purchase? Hangzhou G20 a week after Hangzhou buy 40% of foreigners is the evening of September 18th, Hangzhou announced that, in order to further promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market in Hangzhou City, according to the general requirements of the national classification regulation, the policies applied by the city ", combined with the real estate market in Hangzhou City, the actual situation, the Hangzhou municipal government decided that since September 19th the implementation of property purchase restrictions. Restriction policy clear, within the scope of the purchase of the city to suspend the purchase of housing for 1 or more of the city’s non resident households, including new commodity housing and second-hand housing. The purchase of new housing to clear time, network platform of commercial housing sales contracts signed time shall prevail; second-hand housing transfer to network platform housing contract time. The first half of 2016, Hangzhou total turnover of 113 thousand new housing units, compared with the first half of 2015 increased by 76.5%, the first half of the turnover of the total area of 11 million 726 thousand square meters, the total amount of 183 billion 20 million yuan, is the highest value semi annual turnover. At the end of August, Hangzhou new commercial housing turnover has exceeded 150 thousand units, a record high. Therefore, the property market adjustment is an inevitable act. Analysts believe that the policy is mainly to suppress the real needs of outsiders, rather than self occupied demand, and no social security constraints, more relaxed than Suzhou, Xiamen. Hangzhou Housing Authority in the official website of the interpretation of the article, citing expert opinion to explain the necessity of the introduction of restriction. Zhejiang University of Technology Real Estate Institute Professor Yu Xiaofen said: this year, the Hangzhou real estate market turnover significantly enlarged, prices have risen. In the first and part of the second tier cities in the real estate market volume and price rise in the background, Hangzhou has become the property buyers in the price depression. Yu Xiaofen also believes that the success of the G20 summit is greatly enhanced the city’s influence in Hangzhou, foreign buyers groups are more optimistic about the real estate market in Hangzhou. Hangzhou real estate market has appeared excessive investment and speculation of the signs, excessive investment, speculation will improve Hangzhou life, business costs, reduce the attractiveness of the city, is not conducive to the long-term development of Hangzhou. Hangzhou rectangular transparent Institute Zhang received introduction: this year, the Hangzhou real estate market foreign buyers groups increased rapidly, the overall rising proportion of foreign buyers in August, the proportion has reached 33.8% G20; after a week, residents of the purchase ratio reached 39.3%, foreign buyers from further expansion in foreign buyers groups; Hangzhou buyers this year, 74.6% people purchase)相关的主题文章: