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Shandong around the heating schedule released today in Ji’nan Shandong around the pre heating heating schedule on October 31st afternoon, a reporter from the Ji’nan Municipal Public Utilities Bureau, in order to cope with the cold weather, Ji’nan city since November 1st to start pre heating, residents of the home will continue to warm up. It is understood that, in order to cope with the extreme weather in our province, many cities will be ready for heating in the near future. Ready to watch the heating". Tai’an even heating date from November 15th to November 10th, ahead of 5 days. In October 31st, according to "the people in Jinan City and government office on further notice" cold weather disasters prevention work requirements, Ji’nan Municipal Public Bureau immediately made arrangements required for the heating enterprises since November 1st to the municipal heating facilities for hot commissioning and heating to the user. This reporter has learned that, in order to ensure that in the formal heating season (November 15th) when the arrival of standard heating, Ji’nan thermal enterprises generally in the week before heating pipe network debugging, and pre heating the user. In previous years, many residents of the home heating radiator to around November 7th will continue to heat up. This year, Ji’nan hot commissioning and pre heating to the user in advance to November 1st, a week earlier than last year. This also means that the residents of the home heating radiator will continue from November 1st onwards, the provincial capital of each area within two days for most families will warm up the radiator has, however, some residents of the home may also appear the phenomenon of repeated temperature. Attention to! Thermal debugging does not mean that the user’s home will then heat up according to the relevant sources, although the advance of the hot commissioning, but does not mean that the formal heating season ahead of the start. In accordance with the relevant regulations, the official heating season will start from November 15th. Early thermal debugging, is conducive to timely detection of thermal heating enterprises problems and timely adjustment and maintenance, to ensure that users in November 15th after standard heating. For new users of heating, Ji’nan city heat enterprises will continue in accordance with the agreement of the time debugging of heating heating, the majority of heat users to cooperate, to inspect the indoor radiator, valve, valve, and running water and avoid Water Leakage impact on life.相关的主题文章: