Shanghai pileup caused 9 dead six military – fog driving car Sohu ddrtys

Shanghai pileup caused 9 dead six military – fog driving car Sohu Hello, here is the DearAuto ROC, many people call me DA Peng, today we have a chat, Shanghai high-speed fog caused a chain rear end accident killed 9 people. Rescue personnel in cleaning vehicle accident, can see the SF truck cockpit severely damaged, the situation is not optimistic on the morning of 6, the two cause of fog caused a chain rear end occurred at the Shanghai Pudong Airport high speed road, the accident caused a total of 9 people were killed and 43 people were injured (silence). The accident is very tragic, but the scene of the traffic police investigation of several cases worth our attention. 1 a small 4 people on the bus and get off to see the front, rear tank was knocked down, 2 people died on the spot. 2 a car was hit before and after the impact of two cars, the car died in 5. 3 small truck owners Zhang after the accident, get off to remind the personnel on the car before the car left the vehicle, the rear is large car fell after the hospital, unfortunately the right lower extremity amputation. The fog Zhang van owner treated here in the hospital leads to all police and older drivers have stressed, but, high speed, maximum skill of life insurance after the accident. That is, fog days can not be judged before and after the occurrence of non fatal accident, in order to prevent subsequent car crash occurred, all personnel on board should be removed from the car as soon as possible, to evacuate to the high-speed fence outside. Above the accident in three cases, if the car can do the above conditions, the accident will not be so tragic. Third cases of small truck owners enthusiastic commendable, but to know how to protect themselves. This is why the plane always stressed that in case of emergency, to take his oxygen mask before helping others. Life skills: accident fog, car personnel should leave the vehicle as soon as possible, to the fence outside, must not stay in the car or on the road in fact, with the increase of environmental pollution, haze and fog are similar, it will seriously affect the weather driving sight. So, haze days driving, we have to do the following. 1 visibility less than 5m, is not recommended to drive. 2 according to the visibility to choose the right speed, traffic law has detailed provisions, visibility is less than 10m, the speed is not more than 5km H. 3 pay attention to the distance, give yourself enough time to respond. 4 in addition to open the headlights, fog lights or double flash, but also pay attention to ground horn, sound more easily detected in this weather. 5 travel time to select the middle lane, road vehicles to prevent foreign matter too late to avoid. 6 last but not least, after the accident, if the vehicle can move, please move to the side of the road, open the double flash warning after the car; if the vehicle after the accident can not move, the car needs to immediately transfer to the fence outside, can not stay on the road. Increase in haze days led to all drivers have to face more and more attention to severely affected the driving environment in fact, about the fog accident, Peng DA write all kinds of notes, can be done. But then? Similar security.相关的主题文章: