Shanghai public rental day due to illegal driving margin were 1000 yuan douke

Shanghai public rental day due to illegal driving margin detained thousands of eleven golden week is coming, car travel has become some consumer choice. In order to prevent the wanton violation of the driver driving, many car rental companies will be in the contract agreement illegal deposit clause. Recently, Mr. Xue to reflect the city Consumer Protection Committee, he in Shanghai Asian car rental company, rent a car, due to illegal driving deducted 3 points, fined 100 yuan, while the leasing company with its illegal on the grounds, he will be 3000 yuan deposit a deduction of 1140 yuan. Reporter survey found that in the car rental industry, the margin on how much, how buckle? There is no corresponding rules or standards. Legal persons believe that the leasing company in the deduction of the deposit at the same time, it should be done in advance to inform the obligation to issue details and charges, otherwise there will be excessive charges. Consumers: asking for unreasonable charges refund illegal also fined 100 yuan, I do not know why so much money?" Mr. Xue introduced in August 5th this year, he told reporters in Shanghai sub car rental company to lease a TOYOTA Hiace 15 seater car business, lease for one day, the deposit contract is 10 thousand yuan, and 3000 yuan of illegal deposit, need to be paid. Mr. Xue said that during driving a rental car, he was taken to the illegal use of lanes on the highway, was sentenced to 3 points, a fine of $100 penalty. In the return of the vehicle, the car rental company to refund the 10 thousand yuan deposit, the illegal facts, with illegal on the grounds, a deduction of 1140 yuan of illegal deposit, but did not give specific instructions from Mr. xue. Xue and the company repeatedly communicate, and expressed their willingness to deal with illegal punishment, but the communication is not the result, then the city Consumer Protection Committee complaints, requiring the company to refund unreasonable charges. The leasing company is charged to the contract: reporters call the Shanghai sub Leasing Co. Ltd., Mr. Zhang is responsible for the coordination of the two sides told reporters, in a car rental contract, the contract clearly indicate the "illegal deposit" clause, the end of the lease term, the company will refund the rental deposit, as for the illegal deposit in the query no violation records, will be returned within 30 working days. For Mr. Xue complaints reflect the situation, I have a record here, he broke the rules, buckle 3 points, fined $100." Mr. Zhang said that the charge is according to the contract. The reporter carefully read Mr. Zhang to provide car rental contract, in twelfth the terms of the contract, there are black bold font display: "if the Party (the leasing company) during the lease period found violations, or conceal the illegal situation in the party knows, notify Party B (the lessee) to deal with when Party B refused or do not cooperate, Party A has the right to detain Party B rental deposit and illegal deposit, and Party B within 20 working days to deal with the traffic police department is not related, all expenses due to the illegal behavior caused by illegal fines, including illegal agency fees, the driver points value, value of all the accumulated points party b." However, specific to the late fees, agency fees by what criteria? How do you charge? The contract is not written. .相关的主题文章: