Shanghai visitors in Jiaxing encounter sad thing real landlord unilateral breach of contract-ravbin

Shanghai visitors in Jiaxing encounter sad thing "real" landlord unilateral breach of contract has a small Guo, he just signed a contract in August to buy a second-hand housing. The landlord suddenly unilateral breach of contract. Guo from Henan, usually working in Shanghai, Songjiang. Children to primary school, Guo ready to buy a house settled. But Songjiang prices are too high, although it is considered Shanghai’s countryside, thirty thousand or forty thousand per square meter, simply can not afford. So I want to buy a set in Jiaxing. Last month, Guo Jiaxing showings, soon in Nanhu District East District of Provence, took a fancy to a second-hand housing, 116 square meters, the total price of 950 thousand per square meter, down only 8000 dollars, the price is only 1/4 in Songjiang. Guo think cost-effective, quick start. Guo: we ask the landlord, the price is not negotiable, she just shook his head, there is no room for negotiation, then we say direct transaction, then she went out and received two telephone, he said to the 980 thousand, on the spot prices 30 thousand. The landlord, recently in the high prices, so do not hang several intermediary in the 950 thousand, if you want to sign a contract, need to add 30 thousand or 980 thousand. Guo think, breath plus 3 points high point, the two sides after bargaining, and ultimately to 970 thousand turnover. In August 29th, Guo, intermediary, the landlord three party, signed a contract of second-hand housing transactions, Guo pay thirty thousand deposit to the landlord, agreed: September 13th, to pay 170 thousand down payment, in September 20th, the two sides to the transfer of real estate trading center. Soon to September 13th to pay down the day, Guo took the money to find the landlord. Deposit, signed the contract, the landlord has to go back, not to sell the house. Guo this nasty, find the landlord theory, the landlord said, to sell it, but to add 30 thousand, that is, the total price of the house to be 1 million. In addition, Guo Shoufu also to improve. Although the contract is 970 thousand, but in order to buy a house, the landlord to 30 thousand, Guo also identified. However, Shoufu increase, Guo really can not do it. Guo: let’s pay her down the rest of the mortgage, she has 330 thousand of the remaining mortgage, but this is too much pressure on us, and we can not accept the 330 thousand. I’m on the integrity of the people, very disgusted, because you are real, when you sign a contract, certainly deliberate, for your behavior, and you press the handprint, you will have to pay a certain responsibility. Can not meet the conditions, the landlord does not sell real estate, so that the two sides on the stiff off. Since the landlord does not sell, then Guo proposed, in accordance with the contract, the landlord default, to compensate for sixty thousand liquidated damages. The price is not the landlord said, according to the contract, the landlord is to do, to the last to pay liquidated damages, the landlord has proposed to play on the break. This Bugan Guo, he insisted on according to the contract, who is who is responsible for the breach of contract. Reporters contacted the landlord ms.. Intermediary do the business that the landlord is unilateral breach of contract, and indeed about money. Intermediary Xiao Zhou: specific she didn’t say, anyway, she said now they have already Yibaishijiwan what. Feel cheap, recently encountered this situation on the individual phenomenon, the majority of landlords can also, you either pay liquidated damages, or continue to perform the contract, it may be in the heart.相关的主题文章: