Shangluo is a brother hit two relatives turned brother-in-law head with a wine bottle (video)-zhuxianduowan

Shangluo is a brother hit two relatives turned brother-in-law head in November 8th with a bottle, the city police station promptly and properly handled together because of family conflicts caused by assault case. As early as November 8th, Yongnian County, Hebei City, Handan 50 year old man Liu Moubao with his two sons to the city police station said his wife wounded brother head, request processing. After receiving the report, police found the timely investigation, Liu yesterday morning for the dead mother wake, tired, want to sleep, cause the wife brother strong dissatisfaction, two people with words and tearing, the ancient town of Zhou Ling Cun after canal group of 52 year old brother Luo Moufeng with wife in Mei Fuliu and a bottle head hit, causing Liu injured in hospital. In the case of the facts of the case, the city police station on the 11 day as early as 8, Liu’s mother was buried, Huitong village group cadres, through the law, etc. in the Luo moufeng family stayed home, both parties had to do ideological work, Luo Moufeng know deep violations of their beatings, compensation for medical expenses the brother-in-law of Liu Moubao. Look at the relatives to bury the hatchet, together to discuss matters of mourning, the police heart is considered hanging down. Note: the video for the extended reading relatives for the trash smashing shop. Meter upgrade to splashed red paint相关的主题文章: