Shanxi vice mayor went to school during the sick leave 15 days 3 thousand – Sohu arrested gambling n-kaya scodelario

Shanxi vice mayor went to school during the sick leave from 3 thousand gambling detained 15 Sohu news Beijing News News (reporter Intern Zhang Jianbin Wang Yongxian) according to the Beijing News reported yesterday Shanxi Yuanping Su Long Town deputy mayor Zhang Junsheng work time gambling in Yuanping 2 the issue, today, Yuanping City Commission informed that the preliminary investigation, Zhang Junsheng gambling facts is there, has filed for review of, will be severely dealt with. Yuanping Public Security Bureau Zhang Junsheng administrative detention for 15 days, the penalty of $3000 for gambling organizers Wang criminal detention. Previously, Shanxi netizen report, Yuanping Su Long Town deputy mayor Zhang Junsheng work time gambling in Yuanping city mob. Friends of the video display, the second Yuanping inside a room with many people around playing mahjong table, there are a lot of face value of 100 yuan, 50 yuan of money on the table. One wearing glasses, wearing a white short sleeved Plaid middle-aged man is very conspicuous, his left hand holding the note, the right hand to touch the card. Insiders confirmed that the middle-aged man is Zhang Junsheng. In October 25th, Zhang Junsheng said in an interview that he did in May this year to participate in the gambling, when they are sick leave. Today, in the event, the Yuanping Municipal Committee and Secretary Guo Jianzhong informed orally, the Commission yesterday to participate in together with the public security departments involved in the investigation, preliminary investigation, Zhang Junsheng in fact is the existence of gambling. After investigation, Zhang Junsheng in late May is really sick leave, leave period (May 27th) in Yuanping City Hall in the bath by contract workers Wang organized gambling, Zhang Junsheng as a cadre of the party, bad influence, discipline inspection departments according to the law strictly deal with the timely notification to the public. In addition, Yuanping mountain police station Zhao Jianwu said today, after overnight investigation, according to the "Regulations" punishment of public security management of the vice mayor Zhang Junsheng and the gambling places Zhang administrative detention for 15 days, a fine of 3000 yuan; the organization involved gambling Wang criminal detention; the rest of the people involved are one by one investigation. Yuanping Municipal Committee, Secretary of the Commission for Discipline Inspection, said Guo Jianzhong, will be the case, for example, to deal with a warning, strict management of Party members and cadres, and sincerely accept social and media supervision.相关的主题文章: