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Share the development fruits   compose the civilization — the "new The Belt and Road construction achievements review – Politics – original title: share the development fruits compose the civilization — the" new The Belt and Road construction achievements review on 8 October, Xinhua news agency, Beijing (reporter Liu Ying Feng Takeo) from the ancient capital of Changan to mainland Europe, from the port of Quanzhou across a vast expanse of water, Eastern and Western civilizations in Silk Road on land and Sea Silk Road blend stirring. Today, has been given a new meaning of the Silk Road Economic Zone and twenty-first Century Maritime Silk Road is the most vigorous vitality. "The Belt and Road major initiative for three years, from scratch, from point to surface," The Belt and Road cooperation blueprint is a step by step, Bibi drew, provides a full development of the prosperity of the scheme of sharing wisdom, China world, also inject new impetus to global economic recovery and long-term development. All through the development of "corridor" in Mongolia in October in the outskirts of Ulan Bator, has the lowest temperature below zero degrees Celsius, for the construction workers, this is a precious time last year. Under construction is Mongolia’s first freeway — Ulan Bator to celebrate the new Golmud International Airport Expressway, "The Belt and Road construction in Mongolia implementation of the landmark project. In May this year, when he was Prime Minister of Mongolia to attend the opening ceremony of the project Bilege Khan said, after the completion of the highway transportation in Mongolia will open a new chapter in the development of. As a landlocked country, Mongolia, China and Russia are neighbors, geographical location determines its convenience and the development of Sino Russian economic and trade relations. Mongolia had proposed a "prairie road" initiatives, including the connection between China and Russia highway, electrified railway, which coincided with the construction of the economic corridor in Mongolia and Russia agree without prior without previous consultation. Mongolia and Russia economic corridor is one of the "The Belt and Road" to promote the construction of the six major international economic cooperation corridor. Last month, Chinese announced the "construction of Mongolia and Russia economic corridor plan", marking the "The Belt and Road" under the framework of the first multilateral cooperation program launched. China to speed up the "strategic docking The Belt and Road" initiative and prairie road initiative, will further promote the economic and trade interests, Mongolia and Russia mutual cultural exchanges and people’s intimate friend of financing, to promote more achievements in the development of comprehensive strategic partnership between China and mongolia. In this regard, the government of Mongolia Prime Minister Nga Feilden Bart said on October 2nd, Mongolia is willing to actively participate in President Xi Jinping’s "The Belt and Road, neighboring countries interoperability, global energy cooperation initiatives such as the construction of the internet. I hope the two sides continue to expand and enrich the field of cooperation and content for the development of bilateral comprehensive strategic partnership into a new impetus. "To get rich first road", the China development experience, Pakistan people the same way. Over the years, due to lack of funds, backward equipment, many Pakistan road repair stop, become a broken road. Today, under the impetus of the construction of the Sino Pakistani economic corridor, Pakistan infrastructure development ushered in leaps and bounds. As Pakistan Prime Minister Sheriff stressed that the Sino Pakistani economic corridor will benefit the entire region, China, Central Asia, South Asia, the middle east 3 billion people to bring happiness. )相关的主题文章: