Shawn Yue Dongyu Zhou CP the universe fit fans praising with a face (video)

CP Shawn Yue Dongyu Zhou and then fit the universe with a visual face fans praising Chinese news in October 13th, Hongkong, Eric Tsang, Derek Tsang, Shawn Yue and Dongyu Zhou appeared together Asian Film Festival, to promote their own movies, Eric Tsang and Shawn Yue is filming new zero paycheck director Huang Jin film. The couple Shawn Yue and Dongyu Zhou rare with the field, they play no pictures, big picture Le is active by the other’s shoulder, causing fans to scream. Two people have mentioned development, Le respond temporarily not possible, rain is not my decision to deny: "food." Le said no more active on the winter rain Golden Horse Award for Best Actress for the winter rain, said the finalists have felt good, never thought of winning. Asked whether she had improved condition of cooperation with Kaneshiro Takeshi and Lee Jun-ki, she smiled and replied: "no, they have a lot of fans, I also want to live a few years", and described his life as a lot of good to have this opportunity. Eric Tsang and Derek Tsang are also nominated for the Golden Horse Award of the first father and son, is the son of champion Zhiwei frankly feel as happy, looking forward to his future well-known single degree higher than their own, and finally can sigh and Derek Tsang, boa has one family walk the red carpet. Asked Guoxiang after winning will get married, he had said so far not to shy, but father Eric Tsang beside playfully said they took the prize will consider. Actor Dongyu Zhou grabbed a male God worthy meat harvester!相关的主题文章: