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Shen Ling Sasa recorded officially opened in the "jealous" – Shen Ling Sasa presided over the "entertainment Sohu in the world youth" Sohu of Jiangsu satellite TV entertainment news without borders "World Youth Youth Talks" in September 10th officially opened! Many youth gather on youth issues with global vision, melting solemn and fun together. Usher in a new revision of the upgrade of the world youth said, 2, what are refreshing change? Reporters found that: in addition to stage design more atmosphere, three-dimensional, topic is more down to earth, is fun. TK11 is no longer limited to 11 guests is relatively fixed, the popularity of the lineup return of fresh blood to join, "said the youth of the world" in the words of the value of upgrading at the same time, still keep the yen value no one can transcend seductive level. The topic is more down to earth to create "the answer book" even expression pack has become "international issues"! The new revision of the "World Youth" to their own set more interesting theme clear: "from hundreds of millions of Chinese and foreign youth found, selected the key about the earth life found by the correspondent discussion after the final vote to decide whether to load the survival of the earth" refers to the South ", and the" Earth’s Survival Guide "this will become a borderless, multi angle, full field answer book." So, after the upgrade of the "World Youth" the topic of discussion is no longer confined to a specific topic, but extended for 3 more down to earth, but also pay more attention to the topic of foreign exchange collision, strengthen the content browsing and richness. For example, in the first phase of the recording, the name of the Chinese people is the most from the road to the EMOJI world expression packs; and then to the Chinese people in the fight is the most fighting. Each topic, are very open and gas. With the deepening of the integration of the world’s cultural exchanges, these topics are not only the Chinese people are very keen to talk about, but also caused a lot of foreigners curiosity. The scene, TK11 chat was very fun, the audience also hear very. In the first to discuss the issue of "the Chinese name is the most" as an example, this from a friend of the United States and the discovery of his confusion, so that the national ombudsman launched a heated discussion. In fact, this problem has plagued Chinese, the name for the new life embodies the elders blessing, we named according to the birthday to count, and people will be feeling the foreigner’s name is very simple, even a little casual, such as Jim, Ruth. Did not expect, Thailand’s Han Bing show the name of the king of Thailand, the audience small partners are shocked!" Compared with the original Thai people can write a whole page name, Chinese named the road is really "pale into insignificance by comparison". As one of the audience said: "through the new world youth said, for a different perspective of China, but also more channels to see the world, the program is not only very interesting, very high knowledge." Interactive upgrade atmosphere hi added live female audience, handheld voting machines have the right to vote the first recording, TK11 has added three new members: from Brazil Congo Danny fee, Zhu Li and David of australia..相关的主题文章: