Shenyang police to carry out special rectification action yellow car darren hayes

Shenyang police to carry out special rectification action yellow car September 22nd, Shenyang police announced that with immediate effect to carry out a comprehensive renovation of the Yellow car. According to reports, the Shenyang municipal government has issued a formal "in September 9th on the strengthening of the yellow car management notice", the traffic control department to preliminary statistics, there are currently Shenyang yellow cars more than 4.7 vehicles. What is the yellow car? The police, the yellow, green, full name is "motor vehicle environmental inspection marks (yellow)" and "motor vehicle environmental inspection marks (green)". Car is more than the country I emission standards for petrol vehicles, and reached more than the country III emission standards for diesel vehicles. And did not meet the national I standard gasoline vehicles and did not reach the national III diesel vehicles, is the Yellow car. It is understood that the police in the remediation of yellow cars will reach three, "one hundred percent", namely the driver awareness of green locale notice rate reached 100%, yellow car into a green area found to investigate violations rate reached 100%, reached the retirement age of yellow cars and old cars to clean out the rate reached 100%. What road yellow car does not let go? According to reports, the city of Victoria (excluding) within the region will be implemented in all yellow car ban line. The chessboard mountain tunnel of Shenbei New Area bypass section temporarily replaced the four loop plan, north of the junction of four loop and G102 line, South to North Street intersection of Huishan Shen, Shen North Road East along the four loop connected with the existing northeast section. Covering an area of about 1254 square kilometers. Key violations of the police regulation include: 1. The vehicle without obtaining the green environmental classification marks the driving in the area of environmentally friendly green label. 2. Black smoke and other motor vehicles running in the area of environmental protection green. The traffic police bureau relevant responsible person said, the daily 7 pm to 19 PM, the vehicle ban has not obtained the green environmental classification marks road in the area of green environmental protection. Police cars, fire engines, ambulances and engineering rescue vehicles and other special vehicles shall not be restricted. Yellow cars go forbidden road how punishment? Punishment is divided into two kinds. One is the scene of the traffic police enforcement, another is the electronic police capture." Police introduction. Site traffic police on duty is confirmed yellow car into a green road, green area violations, penalties shall be suitable for simple procedures, issued the "traffic administrative department of the public security organ summary punishment decision book", punishable by a fine of 200 yuan is not scoring penalties. The police, when the scene of the traffic police in the inspection found that the vehicle did not paste on the windscreen of environmental protection logo, will verify the vehicle information of the car. The electronic police police will within Shenyang city environmental green label area in accordance with the terms of the adjustment, increase the recognition to capture the yellow car, yellow car entering the environmental green label area were captured after the entry of illegal punishment system. Yellow car is difficult to do the formalities, the police said, to reach the national mandatory retirement years of yellow cars and other vehicles, will be scrapped according to regulations. For foreign vehicles, according to the environmental protection department of the test results, do not meet the emission standards, shall not be accepted. In order to achieve the mandatory retirement standard within 1 years (including 1 years) of motor vehicles, shall not change the nature of use相关的主题文章: