Shenzhen after the purchase buyers abandoned tens of thousands of yuan deposit landlord down

Shenzhen after the purchase: buyers abandoned tens of thousands of yuan deposit   landlord down 700 thousand Jishou – real estate — original title: Shenzhen purchase: buyers abandoned tens of thousands of yuan deposit landlord down 700 thousand Jishou     "golden nine silver ten" on the occasion, the hot city a new regulation throws a mighty storm. The evening of October 4th, Shenzhen announced the purchase of the new deal, "in 3· based on the 25 new" tightening again, also added a "single purchase a suite in harsh terms, the market interpreted as the history of the most stringent restriction. On the morning of October 8th, the Shenzhen real estate assessment and Development Center issued a notice that will be held on November 8th to adjust the price of real estate assessment. Its window staff said that the assessment of the price adjustment is only a routine update, the specific increase or down will be determined based on market prices. But many industry insiders believe, will increase the possibility of very large price assessment, in order to increase the second-hand housing transaction tax sluggish real estate transaction frequency, further curb investment demand. Breach of contract buyers give up the deposit policy, property buyers and sellers in the strong position of change. Shenzhen last year, "3· 30 new" after the landlord default return price when things have occurred, but under the new punch, buyers became hesitate. Guangdong Zhang Maorong, director of the law firm lawyers on the daily economic news reporter, said he had encountered such a case. Keen buyers because of the recent property market introduced a series of decisively abandoned the purchase, 20 thousand yuan deposit contract Nanshan house are not paid. The two sides signed the contract in September 25th, the buyer paid 20 thousand yuan deposit, agreed to make a deposit of $160 thousand within 10 days. In October 2nd, Hefei and other places have a policy. The buyer is very keen, he felt bad environment, the national prices may fall. He said he did not want to buy, do not deposit. At that time, Shenzhen policy has not come out, and later in October 4th the Shenzhen policy, the other is not to buy anyway." Zhang Maorong said. Scheduled transaction that second-hand housing transaction price of about 5 million 150 thousand yuan, 3·, the new deal, the landlord has not sold out after the 25. Landlord is to sell the price is expected to cash, the result was suddenly landing new deal blocked the road, but also the buyer default. Zhang Maorong said that this year the defaults on the "3· 25 new" after frequent, when all sellers breach of contract price. Feng Shui turn now, the new deal to become buyers reverse watershed". "In general, the deposit is not more than 100 thousand yuan case, the two sides are voluntary private. Although the case is limited to enter the lawsuit, but the sudden change in the property market, it is true that buyers default occurs frequently." Zhang Rongmao said. Reporters recently visited a number of intermediaries in Shenzhen learned that the new deal has a significant impact on the volume and volume of visits, real estate brokers also have to spend more energy to deal with the situation under the new deal abortion. "We usually make clear with the seller and the buyer in advance of the transaction because of a sudden termination of the transaction相关的主题文章: