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Shougang steel giant River plans announced the termination of planning major events with a China Bao Wuhan Iron and steel industry a new round of mergers and acquisitions, Shougang steel River another on the outside with very high expectations also did not keep up with the rhythm of choice at this time. The evening of September 28th, the listed company of Shougang’s Shougang shares (000709) announcement that the company disclosed in the September 13, 2016 due to the controlling shareholder of Shougang Corporation is planning significant matters relating to the company’s stock since September 13, 2016 opening suspension. At present, in view of the major issues related to the conditions are not yet ripe, there is uncertainty, the controlling shareholder of the company Shougang company after careful consideration, decided to terminate the planning of this major event. The company’s shares will be September 29, 2016 opening date for the resumption of trading. Shougang shares mentioned in the announcement, the major issues related to the company’s planning and planning of the company, may involve acquisitions. Shougang shares at the same time, the termination of the planning of the major events of the company’s current performance no impact on the company’s normal production and operation will not adversely affect. Future Ltd will continue to follow the company’s development strategy, looking for new profit growth point, combined with the actual situation of the company, to sum up the experience and lessons to ensure the healthy and sustainable development of the company. For the suspension, the outside world had once speculated that the merger will start Shougang steel. Just before the program announced Chinese Baosteel WISCO restructuring, in August 1st Bloomberg quoted informed sources said the government is considering creating Chinese South and North Steel Group Steel Group, as an important step in the reform of state-owned enterprises restructuring of the steel industry. Southern iron and steel group by the Baosteel Group and Wuhan Iron and Steel Group merged, and the North iron and Steel Group will be merged by the Shougang Group and the river steel group. But Bloomberg also said that the plan has not yet finalized. Judging from the current results, Shougang, River steel merger plan has been temporarily stranded. However, the merger of the two groups, a number of industry insiders had surging news () analysis of difficulties. A person working in Shougang Research Institute on surging news said, "this was at least 10 years ago, the top level has been discussed in this merger, of course, so long, also There are plenty of people who oppose". This personage thinks, "great difficulties, if can early on". While a number of iron and steel industry were also on the surging news that Shougang steel River merger is unlikely, compared and belong to the central enterprises Baosteel, WISCO, Shougang, steel River belong to different provinces of the actual control of the SASAC, which is also made with difficulty. It is also worth noting that similar to the Anshan and Benxi restructuring failed past, Shougang, steel river had also once in hand. As early as 11 years ago from Beijing to Caofeidian Shougang a massive relocation of the occasion, the intention of Shougang reorganization of Hebei iron and steel industry has made clear. February 18, 2005, the national development and Reform Commission approved the implementation of the relocation of Shougang, structural adjustment and environmental management programs (No. [2005]273). In July 8th of the same year, the national development and Reform Commission promulgated the "iron and steel industry development policy" (People’s Republic of China national development and Reform Commission Order No. thirty-fifth), which in the industrial layout adjustment chapter.相关的主题文章: