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Sichuan 18 year old Xu Yuyu Department of computer hackers and phone information genius – Sohu news in August 19th this year, a telephone fraud cheated Shandong Linyi prospective college students Xu Yuyu all tuition fees of 9900 yuan, also took the 18 year old girl young life. Then, the unified command of the Ministry of public security, all 8 suspects involved. Chengdu Chinese commercial news reporters learned that the precise fraud is crucial in the personal information disclosure link, actually came from a similarly only 18 years old, Sichuan,, the hands of the young Du Tianyu. At present, the network called "master" hacker Du Tianyu has been arrested in Chengdu police, the case is still under further investigation. 26, Du Tianyu’s mother told the Chengdu Daily reporter, she has arrived in Shandong, Linyi, but has not seen Du Tianyu. Du mother said his son has been fascinated by the computer, read the first two days dropped out, and later to the computer school training, 17 years old to apply for work in Beijing, Zhongguancun. For the growth of his son, Du mother admitted that his family had almost no legal education. Guy: steal about 600000 examinee information was stolen money 50 thousand yuan according to CCTV news reports, the police arrested Chen Wenhui, Zheng Xiancong and other fraud gang members after the source of Xu Yuyu immediately launched an investigation of the disclosure of personal information. Subsequently, the police rushed to Chengdu, will be in the QQ group to sell information to the candidates Chen Wenhui Sichuan Yibin guy captured by the. The police investigation has revealed that Du Tianyu was only 18 years old, the QQ has 10 times to sell the Shandong examinee information to Chen Wenhui, 14 thousand yuan of illegal profits. Du Tianyu told reporters that the sale of personal information belonging to the underground industry chain, generally operate on the QQ group, other places can not find the market. It (Q Qqun) on the real name system requirements relative to the shopping site is not so strict, anonymity is relatively strong, more convenient communication." Du Tianyu said. Du Tianyu claiming to be from a college entrance examination online registration system to obtain personal information of Xu Yuyu. At that time, look at it, and then in accordance with the experience may feel a loophole, after the test upload a trojan." Du Tianyu confessed to the police, he took advantage of security vulnerabilities in April this year, Shandong province into 2016 college entrance examination online registration system "website, download the about 600000 college entrance examination information, college entrance examination after the end of the beginning of the illegal sale on the Internet, access to money totaling 50 thousand yuan, including Xu Yuyu’s personal information. Mother: son drop out of the dream of the computer to do the country’s top 200 Du Tianyu lived in the South Bank of Yibin, a small area, after the accident, his mother, Ms. Wu has arrived in Shandong. Wu introduced her son introverted, just read the first day, home to buy him a computer, since he was fascinated by the computer. Son to junior high school in grade two, because often do not finish the homework, the teacher suggested that he sent to a more strict school management. As a result, Ms. Wu sent his son to a private school in Yibin for another year, after which he insisted on not going to school. Wu told reporters that parents usually give Du Tianyu pocket money, she will be at noon and afternoon to pick up his son after school, so Du Tianyu 9相关的主题文章: