Sichuan beautiful woman posing as female college students to implement fraud called cosmetic surgery-noreply

Sichuan beautiful woman posing as female students to commit fraud cosmetic "the use of the opposite sex fraud case we encountered a lot of money, but for the cosmetic, really rare." Yesterday, Yo Youki police station police investigators told reporters that is not only a male college students cheated. Some boys are fascinated by the beautiful girl, for her numerous transfers, but as long as the money had been pulled into the blacklist. Online – reporter Zhu Lin college boys met the "goddess" happened in Yuyao earlier this month, the classmate song dreams shattered, downhearted, to the police station. "I am a university in Hangzhou, July to September this year, a man named ‘Chen Anran’ girl, from here I took more than 2.7 yuan. Me i…… I don’t know if I was really cheated, but she didn’t answer my phone." During the summer vacation, home of the Yangming Street Song students read an article about love posts in a university campus network in the next Post Bar, the author called Chen Anran". Because the article is well written, the song students on the Chen Anran very curious, and they often go to the next school to play, he is very appreciate, Chen Anran, plus its WeChat, became friends. Through WeChat, song students found that Chen Anran is a beauty, age and their own similar, the other side also told the song students, he is the school students. The next few days, the song students on the Chen Anran goodwill doubled, Chen Anran does not seem to hate the song students, two people meet after school to see. In July 16th, "Chen Anran" to borrow money with their sick classmate song, song classmate nature did not refuse to give each other Alipay turn 2000 yuan, "Chen Anran" in the song of WeChat students expressed growing affection, and promised to come to Yuyao. The "goddess", are false about the case, the police investigation found that "Chen Anran", Sichuan girl, she surnamed Ding and coincidence data of the. Identified by the photo, this girl is called the surname Ding Chen Anran". November 11th afternoon, the police found Ding appeared in a hotel in Taizhou, the immediate implementation of arrest. So, The case is entirely cleared. Ding, 20 years old, is a beautiful girl in Sichuan, graduated from high school, unemployed. Ding Love the Internet, at the beginning of July, she published an article in Hangzhou a university campus network Post Bar, because my writing is not bad, the writing is very touching, but there are many college students with her WeChat, and she became friends, she also has been claimed to be the school students. A few days later, Ding in a website to see a cosmetic advertising, she wanted to make themselves more beautiful, determined to face plastic surgery, but there is no source of her pocket shy. No money cosmetic on the occasion, she thought of asking the men students illusions of their own, so frequently borrow money". With the opening day approaching, Ding began to keep a distance with those students, to those who make her money, she is ruthless pull the black, playing the missing. Until the police come to arrest people when there are college boys Ding remittance…… At present, Ding Mou already.相关的主题文章: