Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin 9 typical cases of poverty alleviat

Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection bulletin 9 typical cases of poverty alleviation newspaper news (reporter Chen Song) reporter from the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision department was informed that in November 1st, the provincial Commission for discipline inspection prior to the date of our province informed the 9 typical cases of poverty alleviation. In order to further strict discipline and rules, to ensure that the provincial government decision to deploy and implement poverty alleviation work, promote accurate poverty, poverty alleviation precise depth, and earnestly safeguard the vital interests of the masses, the province’s discipline inspection organs at all levels to severely punish the violation of discipline problems in the field of poverty alleviation. Since 2016 the investigation of 9 cases of violation of discipline problems in poverty alleviation typical cases are: Luhuo County dawn township party secretary, chairman of the National People’s Congress, Temple Management Director Yang Wangjie buckle the reduction of poverty relief funds of petitioners. In January 18, 2016, Luhuo County once all the township party committee held a meeting, Yang Wangjie proposed and through the collective, part of the poverty relief funds reduced buckle Dan Du Xiang Dou Cun plus in December 22, 2015 to participate in the petition of the 10 poor households in a total of 34 people as a penalty. January 26, 2016, once all the township to participate in the reduction of 0.042796 yuan per person to participate in relief funds for the petitioners, a total of $1.455064, in cash in the form of financial personnel in rural areas is not used. Luhuo County Commission for Discipline Inspection to give Yang Wangjie party a serious warning. Deductions funds have been fully cashed to poor households. Langzhong City Bai Wu Zhen Yang Lu Village branch secretary He Zhengquan et al. Taking the whole village poverty alleviation project finance funds diversion problem. From July 2013 to January 2014, sheep deer Village branch secretary He Zhengquan, director of the village committee and even friends, deputy director of the village committee to take the preparation of false dawn chuanmingshen (Chinese herbal medicine), planting false reimbursement data of poor households, taking the whole village project financial funds totaling 687 thousand yuan, for the payment of the village road construction project money, wages for migrant workers. Langzhong City Commission for Discipline Inspection were given to He Zhengquan, even friends, to the dawn of the party a serious warning. To discipline and money has been recovered. Recommended reading: to clean up the river in the name of Shi Deyang illegal sand mining of 5 typical cases notified the Rio Olympics good grades ten Sichuan athletes coaches was informed of praise Mianyang Jiangyou middle school students falling death official informed of the latest case Guangyuan informed the two typical cases are related to the employees illegal money Chengdu real estate developers for driving up prices was informed the original Zitong County Office Director Wang Bing et al. Their duties are not in place to lead to fiscal poverty alleviation loans discount interest funds defrauded problems. In February 2012, Mianyang City Food Co., responsible person to obtain a Xu financial poverty alleviation loans funds, corporate loan guarantee contract forged copies of false information, report to the original Zitong County Office of poverty alleviation and development approval. The office staff Su Ronghua not according to the audit program, directly signed "pay 165 thousand yuan", Wang Bing directly signed "agreed to pay, resulting in the company from the state of poverty alleviation loan discount 165 thousand yuan of funds. Zitong County Commission for Discipline Inspection were given Wang Bing, Su Ronghua party warning. The loan interest subsidy funds have been recovered. Hui Xiang Niu village of Ziyang District of Yanjiang City, former branch secretary Luo Zhide et al show.相关的主题文章: