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Sign the truth: the virgin uncle takes four to play Mistress (Figure) virgin uncle had almost destroyed three concept, wife, but they had a mistress with him for 10 years, now has a 26 year old pregnant virgin four! Uncle also said that the virgin will be responsible for his wife will not divorce…… Sina constellation netizen Nora Lara say love to Sina Virgo uncle occupied four not playing mistress said Virgo men are very single-minded? So why is my uncle so sentimental? My dear uncle, Virgo, 46 years old, and my aunt (Pisces) is a 15 year old son, my aunt is a teacher in our home city of Z, my uncle to do business in the field of B City, my uncle is my aunt to start empty-handed, before he suffered together, so I say uncle then how will not abandon my aunt, my aunt is usually fine, in the field also call home every day to my aunt, also use these WeChat chat. The year before last, I came to my uncle to work in the field of foreign companies B, my uncle is perennial here. I have two people found uncle mistress, together for ten years, there are four together for more than a year. I know at the privacy of others is immoral, but please forgive me, and not with their real friends said, hold my heart really uncomfortable, curiosity really kill people, the mistress and four: mistress, married with children, the constellation looks unknown, there should be about more than and 30 years old, in our home city to open a Z there. To own a clothing store, her uncle sent photos, what kind of a little plump, but not very fat that is pretty long, anyway. Mistress complained that each home is total uncle and she can not meet, until this year 51, uncle home, send the information about her afternoon out of the hotel to meet the mistress then may not be easy, so she call uncle in the evening outside at night, he said: "a year to go home a few times to what yebuguisu, if this can not meet it, then don’t complain not, call me out of the house, I have no courage, no ability. I do not force you, you do not force me, you and I will not be happy". Finally, three small said to have been on the way to the hotel…… (at that time there have been a fourth uncle four), 26 years old, Scorpio, color is not very white, but not very black, very temperament, facial features look good, nice body, personality is a quiet type, very sweet smile, her smile is mostly in the tertiary mobile phone photo. A year after her uncle to take her hand, to do accounting work last year. She came to the company not long after my uncle went to K city to open a branch, and then my uncle is every Monday to Friday in the city of K busy weekend to open three hours to come back with her car. She and I play well, usually called her sister, I love her. The company also has a lot of boys pursue her, have time to accompany her to the tax bureau, tax bureau of the window there is a boy asked for her phone number, so she felt very love, then don’t know why she didn’t pursue her boyfriend, these one are not accepted, now I understand…… Some time ago four pregnant, uncle cried and begged her birth, the child was born with the surname four, how can, but she was born, (I was in.相关的主题文章: