Smoke machine purchase guide to understand these do not spend money

Lampblack machine purchase guide to understand these did not spend the money the author: Wang Ningli E: evaluation of lampblack machine purchase guide as a chowhound light will also qualify, eat, eat will do that can be called "master"! To do good work must first sharpen his tools, in addition to possess a good workmanship, superior, choose a shape lampblack machine with advanced technology is doubly important for kitchen Oh, especially for women, because no one else is willing to become a yellow face? Otherwise, but how many mask can not save! But for the hood choice, many people are confused, the author used to help friends and family around questions. In Jiezhuang season, believe that faces this problem a few friends, today we will talk about the lampblack machine to buy that point thing…… Lampblack machine, just as its name implies, its main function is to purify lampblack, eliminate lampblack. As for the principle of work, I do not speak, too esoteric, we understand the following points is enough. First of all, is the type of lampblack machine, it can be divided into European style, Chinese style, three side suction, the suction side and the European style is the most popular, the market share is very high, and the basic Chinese lampblack machine has been eliminated, and the occasional home users are still in use. Many years ago the old. As for the choice of European style hood or side suction hood, the actual needs of the main users will have to see, they each have advantages and disadvantages, the characteristics of European style hood is beautiful, expensive, electricity, easy to meet, easy drop of oil; and the characteristics of side suction hood is difficult to meet the head, affordable, to an oil downstream will not drop, increases the range of cooking space, more efficient oil smoke. Is the so-called "radish leaves", which kind of lampblack machine will have to see you pay more attention to what factors, can tolerate what shortcomings, like me, not because of love especially in cooking on end, so I chose the side suction hood. Of course, can learn a lot about the home market of the users will ask, now is not the integrated kitchen is also very popular, why not mention the integrated kitchen? Indeed, some professional cooking lampblack machine installation personnel are strongly recommended integrated stove, it has many advantages, such as integrated kitchen kitchen renovation has changed the pattern set, lampblack machine, gas cooker, disinfection cabinet in one, even includes the electromagnetic oven, but also can save 1 meters cabinet money, whether convenience appearance of the decoration effect or the use of the integrated kitchen is better on chip. Integrated kitchen Okuda, SENG, and other brands are invincible state tide in the market, also won many industry awards. But today we are talking about a single product of the hood, as the integration of stoves, after looking for opportunities we can chat. In the choice of brands, ten brands of the field of lampblack machine for FOTILE, Sacon, Vatti, Sakura, boss, Haier, SIEMENS, Vanward, Germany and Italy, each big business style all their own, have technical advantages and watch their different products. At present, FOTILE’s flagship product for the integration of the original butterfly ring suction, with the wind moving sound, automatic cruise booster, intelligent suction of advanced technologies such as cloud cube of wind Cube "Jin cube hood, smoked smoke net effect.相关的主题文章: