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So, do you know Jaguar’s small target? Sohu – car yesterday, you have been following the two picture frames? The "stem" from "Lu Yu about" big coffee a day chat show, Wang Jianlin is the first guest. He told a lot of students came up and said: "I want to be the richest man!" In this case, patiently taught, "set a small goal that can be achieved. For example, I will earn one hundred million first!" …… This bowl of chicken soup is poisonous, will put himself to death. So, good at taking advantage of the marketing Durex said: one hundred million what, my first two million. Part of the sister looked very excited to say: first set a goal, for example, thin 20 pounds. …… And that night, Jaguar Land Rover said, our small goal is, years ago, at least a domestic car market. Said this sentence, when Jaguar’s first domestic models XFL listed on the scene. This is a very important day for Chery Jaguar Land Rover and jaguar. In the brewing for a year long, the new Jaguar XFL officially listed, launched a total of 2.0T power level and 3.0T displacement of three different configurations of 8 models, priced from 388 thousand to 688 thousand. Before the arrival of the car, Jaguar Land Rover in the Chinese market is also a good report card. In July this year, Jaguar Land Rover sales in China were 8655, an increase of 64.1%. July sales, domestic models accounted for 42.4%. After 2015, the initial domestic labor pains, domestic Land Rover Range Rover aurora and found God has become the main sales, while domestic car consumer identity has been gradually recognized. This is a good news for Jaguar in the domestic production. As a company that has never been outside the UK before the production of cars, Jaguar Land Rover localization speed should be considered fast. For example, the first domestic models in the Land Rover Range Rover Aurora, only Land Rover joint venture with Chery for more than two years after the official listing. Now, Mr. Chen Xuefeng, executive vice president of Chery and Jaguar Land Rover said, "years ago, listed a domestic car at least once a year." Jaguar Land Rover why so urgent to promote the process of China? When Jaguar Land Rover was sold to Tata Motors in India, Ford was once thought to have died like a hummer. However, largely due to the Chinese market, the Jaguar Land Rover, the world’s largest market, let Tata Motors business fast. A large number of domestic luxury SUV, parallel imports of cars open, making Land Rover’s growth is limited. The Jaguar’s performance will determine the future of the company." An investment research firm wrote in a report on Tata motors. So, Jaguar, also focussed on the China market. So, why the first domestic will be Jaguar XFL? Last year a lot of people focused on Jaguar XE. But the Jaguar did not follow the routine play, this year’s Beijing auto show, Jaguar’s first domestic models, the new Jaguar XFL debut. Choose a large luxury car first"相关的主题文章: