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South Korea Coach: break the Chinese line ambition Korean media: 100 million bonus – Sohu sports football will face South Korea 37 years only 1 wins and won two team Beijing on August 29th News South Korean media said the goal of 9 consecutive World Cup finals is the South Korean team in September 1st to ensure World Cup tickets. The long march ", against the Chinese team in Seoul World Cup stadium. The report pointed out that in recent years to revitalize the career potential Hao loudly China the team do full preparations, and out of the FA Chinese billion yuan huge bonus policy, "but it is estimated that this bonus can be saved, because the other competitors not the same group to Chinese team." South Korea coach Stielike said in an internal meeting, the South Korean team in the opener on the line to attack, break the Chinese’s ambition. Korean media reports, in FIFA (FIFA) ranked forty-eighth in the Korean team in the 12 match with Iran (39), Uzbekistan (55), Chinese (78), Qatar (80) and Syria (105) and other teams in the group A group, the top 2 teams directly to the World Cup third for admission, and group B third game winner and in the CONCACAF final qualifying through fourth playoff qualifying decision. The report pointed out that this is Chinese team challenge again after a lapse of 16 years into the World Cup finals, on the historical record, South Korea’s overwhelming advantage in the 30 A-level international competitions only lost 1 games. For the revitalization of football, China investment highest in the world of football. The 12 race, Chinese team opened a huge bonus policy: qualify for 60 million yuan (about 10 billion won), single game bonus of 3 million yuan (about 500 million won), sponsors and other aspects of the bonus and a total of more than 100 million yuan. Korean media ridicule, prior to the 40 season China Football Association opened a single game winning 500 thousand prize, but the Chinese team battle very distressed, even in the face of Chinese struggling Hongkong team also scored 0 goals in a draw, a round of 12 match: "China Football Association and published an apology statement, fired a foreign coach again please coach who led the team in the 2010 East Asian Cup 3-0 beat South Korea Gao Hongbo." Korean media pointed out that, despite the use of "Chinese FA national football success motivation China exhaust all the skills in the 12 race, but after all the stacks of money can not be overnight to make the player strength strong, Chinese little hope of qualifying, the bonus can be saved an estimated billion." Korean media said, although in terms of bonuses, star treatment, the South Korean team can not compete with China team, but Stielike mobilized to players in the European leagues as the core of the most elite team, "added and outstanding performance of the 20 year old Huang Shancan at the Rio Olympics, the South Korean national team injected vitality. He and Sun Xingmin will be how to break the China team’s city, has become a major attraction." Not only the Korean media is consistent with the South Korean team to win the China team confidence, South Korea fans also said: "by common consent not to worry about the result, but when the Korean team won, in the above scene 20 thousand China fans will be made." (Mai Yuan) Han Ping相关的主题文章: