South Korean prosecutors arrested Park core staff-vidalia

South Korean prosecutors arrested Park core staff on 2 November, Xinhua news agency, Seoul (reporter Yao Qilin) South Korean prosecutors announced on the 2 night, has been involved in "trusted intervention" event in South Korea Chong Wa Dae in front of the presidential palace policy chief secretary Ann Jong emergency arrest. An Zhongfan that afternoon to the central Seoul local procuratorate received a subpoena investigation. He was charged as Chong Wa Dae during April 2014 to May 2016 in the chief economic secretary, to help Cui Shunshi in preparation for the two foundations to large enterprises forced to raise 80 billion won ($70 million) of funds, alleged breach of privilege and other charges. Yonhap quoted South Korean prosecutors said, the main accused Ann Jong were denied, and being summoned before the instigation of key witness perjury. For the suspect to prevent the destruction of evidence, prosecutors decided to arrest An Zhongfan. In South Korea, emergency arrest refers to the judicial system of the arrest of the suspect and the application of the detention order in the case of too late to apply for a court order. After the implementation of an emergency arrest, prosecutors need to apply to the court within 48 hours of detention order. Earlier, South Korean prosecutors at 2 pm on the emergency was arrested for "cronies intervention" event core parties Cui Shunshi issued a detention order. Currently, South Korean prosecutors are still investigating whether there are other Chong Wa Dae personnel involved. Under the "trusted intervention" incident pressure, South Korean President Park Geun Hye October 30th rush reorganization of the presidential palace, accepted an 8 Jong core staff resignation. A day earlier, South Korean prosecutors on a number of current and former aides Park home and offices were raided. (end) editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: