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Star War of words had become the "essential skills" can not lose – Beijing Star Wars can not lose the "business" from Guo Degang micro-blog said to "cleaning", Cao Yunjin also published "is the time, also do one taking" one article, master two war of words on the highest topic list is not under the. Recently, according to the statistics, the "war of words", let Guo Degang harvest 1 million 900 thousand micro-blog fans, while Cao Yunjin rose powder 1 million 300 thousand. Because Cao Yunjin’s fan base is small, the number of fans almost doubled. The entertainment circle never missing news, and with a "smell of gunpowder" news, always can quickly detonated, and firmly grasp the audience’s attention, by the well-known dinner stars, whether occupied public advantage, or placing him in a disadvantage, always can not lose. Guo Degang and Cao Yunjin have a war of words lasted nearly a month of time. In two Cao Yunjin, micro-blog, the number of columns of all sorts of "benevolence" master: not only as he claimed as "free", then let the apprentice Cao posted invoice, solid evidence. It has always been in argument not eat the loss of Guo Degang, wrote copious and fluent more than 6 thousand words, one response to Cao Yunjin. Along with Li Jing, He Yunwei, Yue Yunpeng, Zhang Helun’s "micro-blog endorsement", has been shouting upgrade, eat melon masses also playing the "who is lying.". And recently, the netizen statistics, the "master of mutual tear, Guo Degang rose 1 million 900 thousand fans, Cao Yunjin rose 1 million 300 thousand fans, but the problem is that Guo Degang already has 65 million fans, and Cao Yunjin doubled the number of fans, not to mention no society to enhance the visibility of quantitative analysis." As the circle of Gao Xiaosong, quickly guess the outcome of events, micro-blog said: "dwarf big bear eating melon side said: good writing! In fact, if you want to destroy the old Guo apprentice, when there are ten kinds of wild means would end if you want to help combat; can also think of apprentice, the most effective way. Poor old Guo well intentioned ah, good heart, good, bitter……" According to the reporter, Guo Degang recently in multi file comedy reality show in full swing, and Cao Yunjin will also be held in Tianjin in October 23rd special performances. This is due to the increase in visibility caused by the potential economic benefits can not be estimated. "Each tear drama never let people down, in the first half of Guo Degang and Cao Yunjin Baoqiang Wang in the early morning of August 14th war of words, micro-blog issued a statement of divorce, claiming that his wife Ma Rong derailed broker song?, solemnly lift with Ma Rong marriage, at the same time removing agent positions song?. There are enthusiastic users statistics, Baoqiang Wang issued only 3 days in micro-blog,’s micro-blog fans has risen from 630 thousand to 5 million 200 thousand, up nearly 5 million". The new movie directed by Baoqiang Wang’s "Tianzhu" scheduled December 23rd "Lunar New Year stalls", because of its production of Ma Rong, netizen attention even more than the upcoming "eleven files". Coincidentally, in July this year, Edison Chan in the micro-blog at Lin Chiling, while Lin Chiling took control of the cold treatment, "the war", but about Lin Chiling’s political stance, private life is also friends Bachu 11 Xun;相关的主题文章: