Students can buy Apple 7 hit not cold against hit the Terran – Beijing

Students can buy Apple 7 "hit" not cold against "hit the Terran" – Beijing Yangzi Evening News (correspondent Qin Gongxuan Huang Zhonghui reporter Pei Rui) bought the iPhone 7 in the dining room door was hit once gone, how is this going? Recently, Nanjing, Qinhuai police have received a certain area of the University 3 students alarm call, said he was to buy Apple phone was stolen. Police through the investigation found that the use of theft suspects in the cafeteria door with the victim’s chance of collision, took the opportunity to steal the phone. Police remind the public friends, beware of these roadside heart hit the terran". More than 12 points in October 27th at noon, Nanjing City Public Security Bureau Qinhuai branch Ruijin Road area police station received a university Zhang Tongxue (Surname) the alarm call, said he just bought the iPhone 7 in the school cafeteria Door No. 1 was stolen. After receiving the alarm, the police immediately went to the university to understand the situation. See the police came, Zhang Tongxue told the police, half past eleven or so, he went to the cafeteria to play rice, ready to go back when the meal, I felt I was hit. Accustomed to touch the pocket, found that just bought a long time iPhone 7 disappeared. "Before I have been playing mobile phone, mobile phone just after lunch to get on my coat pocket." Zhang Tongxue said, this is his mobile phone at the end of September 7 iPhone website to spend 6188 yuan to buy their own, yet muggy was the thief to go along. At the same time in the investigation, the police have received a report of two other students, but also their own just bought Apple phone stolen. The police then retrieved near the cafeteria monitoring by watching the surveillance video, when police found Zhang finished food from the canteen out, wearing a dark blue jacket, jeans after the man was hit Zhang, Zhang took the mobile phone from the pocket, followed immediately turned away umbrella. The other two students were stolen at the entrance of the other canteen was stolen. Currently, Qinhuai police have been investigating the matter, the specific situation is still under investigation. Police analysis, the suspect is crowded with people dining room features, deliberately not careful with the students "hit", while the students did not suspicious at the same time, the opportunity to walk along the students put in the pocket of the mobile phone conveniently. Police remind the general public friends, do not go out when the phone is clearly in the coat pocket. Especially in the road, shopping malls, restaurants and other places where the flow of people to pay more attention to. Some of you deliberately hit "hit the Terran" using collision of the moment, he stole the public pocket or bag of valuables.相关的主题文章: