Students food the court sentenced the original school refund — Law —

Students "food" the court sentenced the original school refund — Law — original title: students "food court sentenced the original school to study in the US daily meals refund only 3.33 dollars, the early return of the Li (pseudonym), Yizhisuzhuangjiang primary school to court, request return the tuition. The morning of August 23rd, the Beijing third intermediate court of second instance ruling on the case, upheld the decision, the school returned to the United States and their Li et al costs more than 24 yuan. Primary school students v. does not guarantee the life demand of Li was in Beijing City, a school in the second year students, enrolled in the school organization to study in the United States, the United States and pay the cost of 330 thousand yuan, the two sides have not signed a written contract. After the United States, Xiao Li and a dozen other people living together, accommodation conditions are very poor, food standards provided only $3.33 per day, can not guarantee the basic needs of life. So, Li returned home early. After returning home, the school did not arrange for him to participate in other educational and training activities. Xiao Li believes that their own interests are compromised, then sued to the court, requesting confirmation of the contract between the two sides to lift, and the return of the relevant costs by the school. In the first instance, the school believes that there is no education and training contract between the two sides, which is only responsible for Mike during the stay in the United States, transportation, meals, etc., is not responsible for education, the court should be added to the u.s.. Xiao Li dropout is caused by the fault of their parents, but also with the school. The court of first instance held that Li paid tuition fees to the school, and the school contacted the school in the United States for Mike, who was responsible for the accommodation, food and beverage, transportation and after-school tutoring during his stay in the United states. Determine whether the breach of the school, mainly to see whether the school to provide a meal in line with the general standard of food, according to the relevant facts found by the court, the school in the u.s.. Therefore, the school in the course of the performance of the contract there is a fault, should be responsible for the compensation for the loss of li. After the verdict, the school refused to accept the verdict, appeal to the Beijing third intermediate people’s court. The second instance of the two sides are still controversial whether there is a contractual relationship in July 19th this year, the court hearing the case. Due to the school with Mike, Zhang, Chen, Xiao Yuan contract dispute case, the third hospital decided to merge the trial. The two sides in the court on whether there is a contract relationship debate. Xiao Li, who went to the United States to participate in the study project, is an education and training contracts signed with the United States schools, rather than an education and training contracts signed with our school." Li said the original school lawyer, Xiao Li and others involved in the project is not the school’s study program, just an exchange program, students to study in the United States, the United States by the school education. The school is mainly responsible for the accommodation, dining and other responsible for Li et al in the United States, and Mike, who is just life management, providing accommodation, catering, transportation, etc.. School lawyers pointed out that the school has been provided to Li et al. In line with the usual standard of life management, catering, transportation, etc., the United States Food cheaper than China, the cost of living is low. Reason, Li et al school home ahead of the end of the rumors, do not understand the actual life and learning, provided)相关的主题文章: