Su Yan does not pay attention to dress up 37 year old woman half a blind date for the failure of the

Su Yan does not pay attention to dress up 37 year old woman half a blind date failed Chongqing evening news yesterday, the Chongqing evening news reporter learned from the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, as of this year, the city’s total of nearly 160 thousand pairs of couples registered marriage. Last year, a total of 290 thousand pairs of registered marriage. At the same time, the Chongqing evening news reporter from Yubei District, Nanan District, Jiulongpo District, part of the main city marriage registration department learned that 9 per year, in October, is a young man, licensing wedding, into the marriage season. Yet to find the other half of the older youth, this festive season can be stressful season to marry. In recent years, during the Mid Autumn Festival, I come here to complain the older single women will rise, concentrated in the age of 30 -36 years old." Jiulongpo District marriage registration office of marriage, to persuade members of national counselor Zhang Xitao told reporters that they are the causes of anxiety, because the holiday reunion, single issue has become the focus of discussion and, in the face of "how not to find the object, is not too critical.", "old age is hard to find, difficult like babies." the problem, they become a helpless fear of poly". Chongqing love marriage service agency responsible Zhang Xiaomei said that the marriage service agencies of her own, singles ratio is about 3:7, which is close to marry 30 years old -40 years old older women accounted for 26% of female members. "Every year, October 9, older women presented dating is the most urgent requirements, but they are also more eccentric and other reasons." Zhang Xiaomei said. Take a look at the following several cases, the blind road has not found the home of you, whether there is reflection! Half blind date seven times failure makeup toward Tianxin than the day of sorghum lady 37 years old this year, work in a department of Jiangbei District unit. She is a good girl in the eyes of relatives and friends, a car with a room, but also the cause of development. In September this year, more than half a month, she was blind 7 times, the blind date of the private owners, doctors and teachers, and finally did not succeed in hand. The reason the man refused to agree: do not pay attention to dress, no eye margin. Tie a ponytail, wearing a pair of old glasses to go out, even the basic skin care products do not." Responsible for Ms. Liang bypass matchmaker told the Chongqing evening news reporter, female makeup up to date is taboo. She thought of a way to shape the transformation plan for Ms. Leung, the other stubborn refused, the reason is to maintain the color, do not need artificial". She is not willing to lower their standards, require the man of 40 years old, no children, no marriage, economic conditions etc.. Do not want to change the face, is not willing to compromise and change, the success rate is very low." The matchmaker that Ms. Liang hopes the institution of marriage encounter Mr. Right, holding poguanziposhuai mentality, frequently blind is a waste of time. From the first to treat their own experts feel the pulse of appearance began to marriage and family conflict mediator Zhang Xiaomei believes that the long-term and single feelings of frustration, inevitably let older single women become sloppy and lose its vitality, but whether it is love or marriage, manners, dress, self behavior have self-confidence to improve emotional quality. Zhang Xiaomei believes that the failure of the decision factors defect is not Yan values, hairstyle, dress, taste can attract the man, especially the first time we met, should avoid sloppy and casual, to scold not to stick at trifles.相关的主题文章: