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Shanghai successfully rescued extremely low birth weight four twins still need long-term sustained attention to 1120g, 950g, 780g and 1110g, very low weight, four fetus finally sister reunion, out of the critical survival shadow. Yesterday, as the youngest baby weighed 780 grams recovered and left the hospital, the rare, low birth weight, four fetus, ushered in a whole new life. In July this year, Ms. Wu from Jiangxi gave birth to the four fetuses in the obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University. Because they are very low and extremely low birth weight infants, the need for further active treatment, as Shanghai’s first neonatal transport team 24 hours standby, neonatal pediatric hospital immediately launched the emergency plan, the night they will be escorted to the pediatric hospital in nicu. During hospitalization, the most tortuous course is the smallest weight of three women. At the beginning of the ward, her breathing is not good, need positive pressure ventilation respiratory support, respiratory central control of immature, recurrent apnea, need medication to stimulate the respiratory; patent ductus arteriosus heart, caused a lot of trouble to the liquid management clinical; when gradually began feeding, and feeding intolerance. In the most critical condition, she has respiratory failure and needs endotracheal intubation. The pediatric hospital has applied the most advanced respiratory treatment technology for the treatment of ultra-low birth weight infants, providing the forefront of respiratory treatment concept, and finally successfully separated from oxygen after 2 months of hospitalization. The baby food has been very rough, the medical staff to more than 10 times a day for her abdominal examination, seriously need to stop the milk after starting from 0.5ml by Gordon amount. Until 2 months later, the weight of three women began to increase steadily, now increased to 2050g, breathing and swallowing become coordinated, the abdomen has a little subcutaneous fat, complexion gradually rosy. After 78 days of hospitalization, the three women with the smallest weight were finally discharged from school. Pediatric hospital professor Cao Yun said, in order to prevent the occurrence of serious diseases of small preterm infants, using special cotton "hospital nest" to maintain her flexion posture, covering the warm box with an opaque material, to reduce noise and light stimulation, dark, comfortable womb environment simulation. Cao Yun said, four fetal discharge after treatment is not over, some complications still need long-term sustained attention, such as hearing damage, mild brain damage, etc.. According to the introduction, the arrival of the four fetus is the happiness of the family, but also bring heavy medical burden to the family. Fortunately, the 9958 foundation and the love foundation raised nearly 300 thousand yuan for them. Hot news: Shanghai new construction planning of 9 rail lines in Minhang by the end of the main line of G1501 relates to full width through the ramp before June next year, Wu Gencun repaired: thirty years Baked Scallion Pancake life taste of Shanghai Wang Sicong clubbing beauty cool and sexy sitting with luxurious fruit tree grows Shanghai white-collar meal allowance hundred times staggering gap the tongue zirendaomei rights difficult weather forecast: cloudy Sunday Shanghai today and tomorrow the temperature rose to 30 degrees of rain on Tuesday

上海成功抢救极低体重四胞胎 仍需长期持续关注   1120g、950g、780g和1110g,极低体重四胞胎终于姐妹团圆,走出了危急的存活阴影。昨天,随着体重仅780克的最小女婴康复出院,这一医学罕见的低体重四胞胎迎来了全新的生活。   今年7月,来自江西的吴女士在复旦大学附属妇产科医院剖宫产下这四胞胎。由于都是极低和超低出生体重早产儿,需要进一步积极救治,作为上海首家24小时待命的新生儿转运团队,儿科医院新生儿科随即启动应急方案,连夜将她们“护送”到了儿科医院新生儿重症监护室。   住院期间,历程最为曲折的当属体重最小的三女。初到病房时,她呼吸不好,需要正压通气呼吸支持,控制呼吸的中枢发育不成熟,反复出现呼吸暂停,需要药物刺激呼吸;心脏的动脉导管未闭,给临床的液体管理造成了很大的麻烦;当逐渐开始喂养的时候,又出现喂养不耐受。最危急时,她呼吸衰竭,需要气管插管呼吸机。儿科医院应用了目前治疗超低出生体重儿最先进的呼吸治疗技术,提供最前沿的呼吸治疗理念,终于在住院2个月后成功脱离氧气。   宝宝吃东西也一直很坎坷,医护人员一天要为她检查腹部10余次,严重时需要停奶后再从0.5ml开始逐顿加量。直到2个月后,三女体重才开始稳步增长,目前已增至2050g,呼吸和吞咽变得协调,腹部有了一点皮下脂肪,面色逐渐红润许多。住院78天后,历经艰辛的体重最小的三女终于可以“毕业”出院。   儿科医院曹云教授表示,为了预防小早产儿发生严重疾病,医院应用特制的棉质“鸟巢”维持她屈曲的姿势,用不透光的材质覆盖暖箱,减少噪音和光线刺激,模拟昏暗、舒适的子宫环境。曹云说,四胞胎出院后治疗并未结束,一些并发症仍需长期持续关注,例如听力损害、轻度脑损伤等。   据介绍,四胞胎的降临是这个家庭的幸福,也给家庭带来沉重的医疗负担。幸运的是,9958基金会和爱佑基金会为她们募集了近30万元。   热点新闻:   上海新一轮轨交建设规划一览 9条线路涉及闵行   G1501年底主线全幅贯通 匝道明年6月前修复完毕   阿大吴根存:三十年的葱油饼 一辈子的上海味道   王思聪泡吧美女穿着清凉性感坐陪 豪华果盘长成树   沪上白领餐贴上百倍差距令人咂舌 维权困难自认倒霉   天气预报:   申城今明两天多云 周日有雨周二气温升至30度相关的主题文章: