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Summary: Manchester United 2016 Summer window into Conti Wang Hao purchase bogeba coveted Tiewei long review of David Lewis, Chelsea career Tencent September 1st sports news Beijing standard time on September 1st 6 when the transfer window closed with the Premier League, five league 2016 Summer curtain. Invested 213 million euros signings Manchester (data) as the summer window into the biggest club, Manchester United, Juventus (official data) followed by Manchester United, the new aid Pogba to create a record transfer fee of 101 million euros to become the summer window wang. After the premier Guardiola’s generous frequent Manchester City, Manchester City in the summer ho throw 213 million euros signings, ranked first in Europe, is the only one in the club more than 200 million euros, net investment in a blue moon this summer is as high as 191 million euros. Manchester City signed Stones, and Jesus, down gundogan, Bravo, Nuo Lituo signings, Joe – Hart, Nasri, de Nayar, Boni, Mangala and Demichelis leave. Manchester United Manchester United this summer invested 1.85 euros signings throughout Europe, ranked second, second only to city rivals Manchester City, in addition, the net investment reached 178 million euros. United signed Ibrahimovic, Pogba Bailey, mkhitaryan, four players, Pogba also to 101 million euros to become history in Europe, GA Nur Zahi, James, Parreira, Barrera Werwilson on leave, McNair, Powell and Kean will leave. Chelsea (data) with the last day of the spending spree, Chelsea invested 141 million euros signings in Europe, ranked fourth, net investment reached 100 million euros. The signing of Kanter, Eduardo, Ba Shu Yayi, David Lewis, Marco Alonso and other players, and Salah, Yoshiro Hiroshige, Claude Lado, Perica, Ma Lin, Traore, Saric Palmer, Baba, Remy and other players out. Arsenal (data) Arsenal invested 113 million euros signings in Europe, ranked seventh, net investment reached 104 million euros. The Gunners signed Mustafi, Lucas, Al Peres, he and Asano Takuma was subsequently loaned out to leave, and Flamini, Rosicky, Arteta Wilkshire, has left the band, Bree, Joel Wagner – Campbell and Chambers to leave on loan. Liverpool (data) Liverpool invested 79 million 900 thousand euros signings, ranked twelfth in Europe, sell income of 79 million 300 thousand euros. Liverpool signed Wijnaldum, Manet, macharius, 000, Manninger, matip carat six new signings, washed 12 players including benkert, Skrtel, Joe Alan, Kolo Toure and Malkovich, and tied the club in a transfer window sale record player. Basa (official data) to purchase 6 new signings Basa Barcelona has invested 122 million euros signings, ranked fifth in Europe, this investment ranked second in Basa nearly 10 years of history, after the summer of 2014 invested 169 million euros. Barcelona signed Umm Titi, Digne, Denis, Xilai sen – Suarez, Andre – Gomes, Paco 6 players, Brad)相关的主题文章: