Sun Lei Hulk is Brazil players like

Sun Lei: Hulk is "Brazil players like this? Hulk injury, Hulk score. Get rid of the defender after the remote burst, and advertising video scene 10 fen. (technical problems of Gif lacking, please fill the brain.) Hey! It is as the name ah! Yes. Hulk is the Hulk hulk. Brazilians are usually not called names, but nicknames, like Hulk. Today, we talk about the nickname of Brazil players. Generally speaking, the nickname is ", as mentioned at the beginning of Hulk. "Wow, you are really a X muscle burst, call you Hulk good!" "You just X burst it, but I like the nickname, do not chat, I went to practice muscle." So Hulk’s name is called to open. Most Brazilians’ nicknames are so casual. For example, Dunga Dunga. Only from the syllable judgment, the name of the Dunga is very masculine, and he was a defensive midfielder sonorous and forceful, style is like. But in fact, this one! Point! Lian! The Department of! All! No! Yes! Have you ever seen snow white, my friend? Keep your surprised expression, I have no disease, but also to tell you a story. In a distant country…" Forget it, the story is too long, we have seen. In the forest, snow white meets seven dwarfs. "Guys, what do you call?" Snow White asked gracefully. "We called: Doc Bashful Sleepy Sneezy Happy Grumpy Depey." "So cute, your Portuguese name is what?" Snow white asks. …… Are you serious? Well, follow me: "Sabich? O…" "No, I was asked to see my mouth Pakistan Portuguese name: Pakistan ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ s."…… "Mestre Dengoso Atchim Feliz Zangado Dunga Soneca." "Hum! Can be found to find you! Shannon, get me back to the field! "The princess said with a pout. Yes, snow white tells the story of a princess digging a player in a forest. Dunga, also known as Dopey, means dull… His name is called Chinese, dopey… This is a very bad name for a coach… But don’t say, look at it, Dunga and Dunga are a bit like… Sometimes we use some sounds very friendly way to address someone: alley door uncle aunt Zhang; Wang Xu; corner three guns; the next two dog…… So the brazilians. For example, Juninho. You watched the game, happy)相关的主题文章: